Get Expert EFC College Application Tips For Lakewood Business Owner Students

Oct 15, 2022

If you or your child are planning for college in Lakewood, Colorado, contact leading consultancy College Planning Experts (818-201-4847) to help you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Get Expert EFC College Application Tips For Lakewood Business Owner Students

Whether you’re a parent, high school student, or business owner wanting to further your education, this specialist consultancy can help you understand the college and FAFSA application process. They provide you with lots of insider tips and advice, so you can get into the college of your dreams at a price you can afford.

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College Planning Experts has almost 2 decades of experience with college admissions and planning, offering you an exciting opportunity to benefit from their extensive knowledge. The consultants also offer a series of free introductory webinars and workshops so you can meet the team and get some starter tips.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not only used to request federal grants: these forms are also the starting point for many scholarship programs, as well as work-study and student loans, making it a super important part of your college admissions process. The Department of Education uses the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculation when determining your family’s financial strength.

The experts at College Planning Experts not only focus on the correct completion of your FAFSA forms but also suggest strategies to increase how much your grant package will be. As an example, the company states that the order in which you list colleges on your FAFSA application can affect the grant award package by an average of 20%. Who knew?

Along with FAFSA applications, College Planning Experts offers you one-on-one advice in a variety of other areas. These can include selecting the right college for your own career preferences, and financial planning strategies to stop you from incurring crippling debt.

About College Planning Experts

Established in Los Angeles in 2004, College Planning Experts has been operating longer than any other agency in that area. To date, the consultancy has assisted over 5,000 students and 75 high schools. The contribution it has made to local communities has been recognized in the California State Assembly and the California State Senate.

One parent recently stated: “I learned so much about the necessary steps from College Planning Experts’ webinar, especially the financial aid process. It was the most informative session and really saved our family from making huge mistakes prior to my son’s senior year.”

Your college application is one of the most important processes in your life - College Planning Experts will help you every step of the way.

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