Get Expert DID Rehab Services In The USA With This Health Care Provider

Aug 12, 2020

Get the treatment you need for Dissociative Identity Disorder today! Utah Addiction Centers’ recently launched DID solutions will help you make a full recovery.

Do you have a loved one that is suffering from a mental disorder? Do they have multiple personalities and are in need of professional help? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Utah Addiction Centers has the solutions you need!

Utah Addiction Centers recently launched its Dissociative Identity Disorder residential Rehab trauma-informed recovery treatment services.

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The recently released services provide cognitive therapy and drug-based rehab treatment for the mental disorder known as Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID. 

DID is a mental disorder where an individual has multiple personalities, and it is characterized by the maintenance of at least two distinct and relatively enduring personality states. 

It also involves memory loss, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, depression, substance abuse, self-harm, and anxiety. The disease is said to be caused by past traumatic experiences.

Treatment involves therapy and medication to help you resolve the past, resolve your different personalities, and then reconstruct them into one. 

It is possible to cause more harm if certain characteristics of DID are not exhibited within a patient and treatment is ensued. As such, Utah Addiction Centers’ DID specialists recommend that anyone thought to have the disease gets evaluated by a qualified mental health professional.

After the diagnosis is confirmed, the specialist initiates several treatment techniques that address trauma. Their psychodynamic psychotherapy is provided weekly by their trauma-informed therapists. They also offer somatic experiencing and sensorimotor remedies, EMDR, and neurofeedback. 

Additionally, they offer particular group therapy sessions that address trauma including process groups, trauma timeline, and mentalization-based treatments. Their therapeutic and supportive environment provides additional benefits to all those who have suffered from dissociation.

Their inpatient treatment assigns a qualified therapist to every patient so that maximum attention and treatment is administered as often as possible.

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With over two decades of experience, Utah Addiction Centers has made an indelible mark on the health care industry. In addition to Dissociative Identity Disorder, they treat a range of other trauma-based mental illnesses. These include but are not limited to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety.

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