Get ERC Risk-Free In 2023: Claim Maximum COVID Tax Credits With PPP Loans

Jan 28, 2023

Claim your ERC stimulus funds from the federal government today, risk-free, with no up-front fees. This 15 Minute Refund program makes it easy, and guarantees you the maximum allowable rebate, even if you already have PPP loans.

Get ERC Risk-Free In 2023: Claim Maximum COVID Tax Credits With PPP Loans

Is your business still struggling to recover from the pandemic?

The last government-ordered lockdown in the United States ended in 2021, but the effects of the pandemic can still be seen in many struggling businesses, still, in 2023.

You're not alone, but help isn't far away either - you could be eligible for up to $26,000 per employee in rebates from the IRS, with no strings attached.

This 15 Minute Refund program from LP Consulting can help you to claim your rebate, fast, with absolutely zero risk.

Keep reading to learn more, or, go straight to and take the free eligibility test to see how much you qualify for.

$26,000 per employee is a lot of money, and you might think that with the government just giving this money away, more people would be talking about it. The problem is, everyone forgot about the ERC back in 2020, because the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) offered more money, and you could only choose one or the other.

That's all changed though.

Now, you can apply for ERC tax credits, even if you've already gotten PPP loans - and it's easy too.

If you have between 5 and 500 W-2 employees, you're almost certainly eligible, even if you run a startup, a non-profit organization, or a new business founded during the pandemic.

How much can you claim though?

That's going to depend on a lot of variables, but with no upper limit on funding, some businesses have been claiming rebates of more than a million dollars, and the average is approximately $150,000.

You can get a rough estimate by completing the free eligibility check on the LP Consulting website, and it only takes a minute. It doesn't require any proprietary business information and only asks 10 simple questions.

Once you know you qualify, use the 15 Minute Refund program to have your application completed by a team of ERC specialist CPAs. The program is only available from a single CPA firm, which is focused only on completing ERC applications and maximizing rebates for small businesses.

The CPA team is the best at what they do, and they're not afraid to prove it. When you use the 15 Minute Refund program, you'll get the maximum allowable rebate for your business, guaranteed.

Even better though, is the second guarantee, and the reason they call it the 15 Minute Refund program. The CPA team will handle all the hard stuff, the calculations, and the paperwork, and you only have to make a 15 minute commitment to answer some quick questions.

All of this sounds great, but I can hear what you're thinking.

Your business is struggling already, that's the whole point, how can you afford this?

Well, have I got good news for you - the program has been set up to make sure absolutely any business can afford to apply, no matter how much they're struggling.

The 15 Minute Refund program has absolutely zero risk. If you don't receive a rebate, you'll never be charged a single penny - it's that simple.

If you do qualify for a rebate though, and almost everyone does, you won't be charged until after you've already received it - and then you can use a small fraction of your rebate to pay the fees.

It's a win-win for everyone, except maybe the IRS... but that's their problem.

Take the free eligibility test right now at to find out how much you can claim, and remember I sent you when you get your big rebate check.

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