Get Engaging User-Generated Content To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns

Aug 6, 2020

Do you want to create more engaging and compelling marketing campaigns? Use UGC to increase reach, engagement, and lead generation!

A new online platform offers you a cutting-edge new user-generated content solution for your marketing campaigns. You just have to send a content request, offer a reward, and wait for users to respond!

This is a great way to add life to your marketing material and increase your brand awareness across social media channels. Check out Vocit today to see how it can help you!

Vocit will soon be launching a new user-generated content service for businesses looking to increase engagement, build brand awareness, and make more sales. Vocit is an online platform for businesses to collect authentic user-generated content (UGC), reward customers for creating it, and promote their business.

More information can be found at:

The soon to be launched service, you can benefit from getting user-generated content directly from your customers. This is ideally suited to local and offline marketing as well as internet marketing campaigns.

Research shows that 60% of consumers believe UGC is the most authentic and influential form of marketing. The new launch provides you with a proven way of growing your business with seamless content creation.

You just have to enter your email address in the form provided to sign up and benefit from the value of user-generated content.

Vocit works through a simple three-step process. First, the business in question sends out a content request. They can pair this with an offered reward, and then the user creates the content.

An example case study is provided of Burt’s Plumbing offering a 10% off voucher for customers taking a picture with their plumber. This eye-catching visual content can then be used as marketing material, while the customer enjoys the added benefit of receiving the reward.

Businesses collect and own their own UGC, can find premium online promoters and get access to user analytics. Rewards can include offer coupons discounts and promotions, and UGC can be saved to over 2,000 online platforms.

There are a number of benefits to utilizing user-generated content in any marketing or advertising campaign. It’s a reliable way of increasing brand awareness and audience engagement, and can establish credibility as a thought leader.

In addition to this, UGC campaigns are perfectly tailored to social media sharing. This is a quality strategy for clients looking to strengthen their brand and build strong customer relationships.

Using UGC across social media channels can help to extend reach, increase follower count, and generate more shares as part of a brand awareness growth campaign.

Full details of the new service can be found on the URL above. Go to for all the info you need to sign up!

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