Get Downloadable Worksheets for Homeschooling During the Coronavirus Crisis

Apr 3, 2020

Are you teaching your kids at home due to the coronavirus crisis? Then check out these free resources from edHelper today!

Parents around the world have had their lives turned upside-down because of coronavirus. More families are turning to homeschooling their kids with the closure of schools across the US.

But it doesn’t have to be a stressful or worrisome experience. With these new downloadable resources and worksheets from edHelper, you can simplify the teaching process.

The site is designed to give parents a helping hand at home now that schools are closing and more families are homeschooling.

More information can be found at:

The edHelper website offers fun, engaging, and creative worksheets and exercises kids will enjoy. They are all designed to increase students’ intelligence and creativity.

Due to the closure of schools across the country, more parents are facing the challenge of homeschooling. Many people have never homeschooled before, and edHelper is there for anyone needing guidance.

It offers a variety of resources and information for remote teaching elementary school kids from kindergarten through 6th grade.

Parents can get downloadable worksheets for kids in grades K-6.

These include free daily workbooks covering core subjects like math and coding.

Other daily free worksheets include cursive handwriting, sudoku word puzzles, to-do lists and habit trackers for kids, and more.

A wide variety of math worksheets are available on numerous topics. These include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for all age groups.

Over recent weeks, coronavirus has impacted families all across the world. With kids now at home, it’s important for parents to maintain structure and a good routine.

This is important not just for the children, but also for the parents in order to get work done. In a time when everyone is stressed and feeling overwhelmed, setting the tone and establishing a routine can help.

It’s also important for families to keep it simple, and this is where the worksheets and resources from edHelper are ideal.

The team states: “Let us give you a helping hand in the classroom and at home. Our dynamic worksheets put amazing resources to increase students' intelligence and creativity in all areas of learning literally at your fingertips!”

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The math worksheets can be found at:

Daily worksheets for a variety of subjects are available at:

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