Get Custom Residential Shooting Range Installation With Best Traps & Baffles

Sep 26, 2022

Do you want to create a stunning shooting range at home for training or skill development? You’re in the right place! Spire Ranges offers fully customizable solutions.

Get Custom Residential Shooting Range Installation With Best Traps & Baffles

Whether you’re serving on the frontlines or you just want to hone your skills, having a range in your home is the perfect setup. With Spire Ranges, you can create your dream design with ease!

The team provides a flexible and fully customizable solution for residents across the US. They have years of experience in the installation of military-grade ranges and use this to create versatile and dependable setups for residential use.

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The service includes leading-edge technology and a streamlined interface, allowing you to communicate with your range and execute training routines more precisely.

Spire Ranges provides purposely designed bullet containment solutions as part of each installation. Their bullet traps, baffles, and wall treatments have been tested for high-volume shooting and fire resistance. The Helix traps provide indoor and outdoor options, while The Blackout offers range adaptability. The Welkin is a patent-pending baffle system designed for added protection.

Custom shooting stalls are available with each order so you can fully customize the design of your range. Each stall features multiple mounting heights for flexibility, and touchscreen controls allow any range to be adapted for wheelchair accessibility.

SpireOS is a proprietary operating system for user-friendly range design. It includes pre-loaded qualification courses and games that can be managed through the all-in-one interface.

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The company provides an on-site gallery to inspire you and help you to envision your own individualized creations. Experienced support teams are available at all stages of the design process, and once a range has been installed they are available to identify issues and offer a quick solution.

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A spokesperson states: “There’s something about lots of shooting that eventually takes its toll—even on the very best of equipment. To ensure your range stays cutting-edge and reliable, we offer customized plans on all equipment from any manufacturer, giving you top-notch service to help your range stay at the top of its game. We’re here to get the job done right, and we can help with just about anything, even if your range was provided by another manufacturer.”

Do you want to create a cutting-edge range for your home? Get in touch today to discuss your goals!

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