Get Custom Portraits And Abstract Art Pieces From This Painter In Scottsdale AZ

Mar 2, 2021

Looking for the best custom art pieces for your collection? Contact Casey Lynn Designs, Inc. today for the large canvas portraiture, pop art, and abstract paintings you need!

Looking for unique custom portraits, icon artwork, and abstract paintings at any canvas size? Casey Lynn Designs has the original paintings and commission services you need!

Her life size paintings can be seen from California to Australia and many places in between. Locals in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

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Casey Lynn Designs aims to offer you the opportunity to purchase a unique piece of original artwork tailored to your canvas size preferences, subject requests and photo references, and budget or wall space concerns.

Casey Lynn Hancock’s paintings use a combination of airbrushing techniques and hand painted brush strokes in oil, acrylic, and spray paints. Her artwork features a variety of finishes and accent details, applying elements including gold leaf, high gloss epoxy resin, and special reflective paint to your custom pieces.

Her custom artwork prices vary depending on your choices of style, canvas size, framing, colors and materials used, finishes, and the number of people in the painting. You can submit pricing inquiries and requests for custom art via the Casey Lynn Designs website.

Original artwork by Casey is available for you to purchase through the online store, including examples of her abstract painting, pop art, ocean art, and icon artwork collections. Casey’s portraits often feature notable pop culture figures including celebrities, musicians, and iconic film characters. Her recent subjects include Spiderman, The Godfather, Brigitte Bardot, Jimi Hendrix, and Nipsey Hussle.

Local pick up is available for the Beverley Hills, Los Angeles area. Non locals can arrange white-glove crated shipping for finished custom work and original paintings purchased via the Casey Lynn Designs website. A certificate of authenticity is provided with your custom artwork purchase as proof of value, and Casey signs each painting by hand.

Artist Casey Lynn Hancock began drawing and pursuing art from a young age. In 2017, she left her successful career in graphic design and marketing to pursue painting full time. Her art studio is now based in Los Angeles, California.

Casey said: “This has been the scariest thing I have ever done, but also the most amazing experience of my life. There is no doubt in my mind that this is what I was meant to do. I am so grateful to wake up every morning happy and doing what I love!”

Casey Lynn Hancock paints the custom portraiture and abstract artwork your home or business needs!

Ready to commission your portrait or pop art piece? Click on to request your custom artwork today!

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