This Unique Modern Artist Now Provides Custom Canvas Portraits In Bel Air, CA

May 23, 2021

Art lovers in Bel Air and Beverly Hills are lining their walls with custom artwork from Los Angeles, California-based modern artist Casey Lynn Hancock.

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Los Angeles, California-based artist Casey Lynn Hancock, renowned for her large scale modern portraits and commission paintings, has launched an expanded range of custom artworks including iconic imagery.

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Having established Casey Lynn Designs Inc. in 2017, Casey’s portfolio of life-sized drawings and pop art has been steadily growing, as have the number of commissioned works she receives.

Casey utilizes a variety of materials and techniques in the creation of new artworks. A combination of brush strokes and airbrushing gives her paintings a unique style. In addition to oil, acrylic and spray paint, Casey has also used gold and silver leaf, as well as high gloss epoxy resin to make images pop.

Custom artworks often include large portraits, and Casey applies her own unique take on such commissions to provide you with something different and engaging.

One recent commission was provided by an Air Force pilot, who supplied Casey with a selfie taken while flying a jet and the instructions to “paint it however you want”. Casey used a mixture of blues and greens to create a surreal background, whilst the pilot himself was painted in black. A special paint was used for the pilot’s mask to give it reflective properties.

More recently, Casey has turned her attention to iconic scenes and people. A selection of these are available for viewing and purchase on the Casey Lynn Designs website.

Some recently completed works include the Statue of Liberty, Brigitte Bardot, Jimi Hendrix, Audrey Hepburn, and Johnny Cash.

Casey was interested in art from a young age, and whilst growing up in Chicago she spent her time drawing horses and dogs. At the age of 18, Casey joined the US Air Force, following which she became a full-time graphic designer.

Casey moved to Southern California in 2017 and began to pursue a full-time career as an artist. Her work has garnered significant interest in the art community, and she has appeared on several TV programs.

Casey stated: “I love doing big portraits of famous icons and people that really changed history. When people see my work, I truly want them to feel inspired. Whether it's an artist or an individual it’s just nice to know it's making people think differently. I wake up every morning so grateful that I get to paint.”

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