Get College Financial Aid Planning Advice In Washington At This Consulting Firm

Oct 22, 2022

Planning to skip the FAFSA because of your family income level? Before you make that decision, get in touch with College Planning Experts for expert advice.

Get College Financial Aid Planning Advice In Washington At This Consulting Firm

If you’re planning to skip applying for financial aid because of how much your family makes, you’ll be making a costly mistake.

There’s money available for your child’s college education and College Planning Experts can help you claim it.

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The company offers its advisory services to clients of all income levels. In particular, it wants to reach out to households who wrongly believe that their net worth disqualifies them from receiving financial aid.

If you subscribe to this belief, you’re not alone, as Ipsos recently discovered. In its survey, the market research firm found that 36% of families who opted to skip filing the FAFSA did so because they believe that their income was too high. Moreover, it found that 26% of the respondents whose earnings fall below $150,000 also expressed doubts about their qualification for aid.

Citing official statements from the US Department of Education, College Planning Experts said that there is no income requirement when it comes to the FAFSA, which means that there is no risk if you want to give it a try.

The company can help you accomplish the FAFSA and ensure that your reported earnings are kept to a minimum. This can be legally done using a number of strategies, such as sheltering certain assets and deferring increases in their value.

College Planning Experts’ founder, Brian Safdari, is an admissions expert who has in-depth knowledge of various financial aid planning strategies. “Today, Brian has helped over 25,000 families in helping them achieve their college dreams. His clients come from afar and attend educationally diverse schools,” the company stated on its website.

Brian and his team of certified counselors now share these strategies with a still-growing number of families across the country through workshops and one-on-one sessions that are offered at no cost.

“Working with the counselors here has made college planning and applications incredibly easy for me and my family. I highly recommend working with them to help make your student’s transition to college easy,” one former client said.

If you want to know all the funding options available to your family’s particular situation, sign up for College Planning Experts’ next workshop.

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