Get Breathwork Certification With Facilitator Skills Development Live Course

Nov 2, 2023

Interested in running your very own breathwork workshop but not even sure where to begin? NeuroDynamic Institute’s comprehensive breathwork facilitator training program will take your breath away. Enroll in the program today!

If you’ve experienced the healing power of breathwork before, you may be motivated to spread that goodness to everyone. But if you have no idea how to facilitate a workshop, much less a breathwork workshop, your good intentions have probably reached an early dead end…

Or have they? All you need is professional training, right? And luckily for you, NeuroDynamic Institute is accepting enrollment for their latest series of certified breath coach training classes! In this comprehensive program, you’ll have access to expert-led live training, science-based information, and much more! So if you’re ready to take the first step to conducting your own classes, you’ve come to the right place.

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As with NeuroDynamic Institute’s previous sessions, the newest series of classes is geared towards individuals interested in conducting their own breathwork workshops. While suitable for hypnotherapists, yoga instructors, sleep specialists, somatic therapists, and other wellness practitioners, the program is designed to accommodate a variety of students, regardless of their background and current profession. They’ve had IT consultants, office admins, and even a firefighter take part in their classes. It’s really meant for everyone!

The live online course will be taught by an expert team of instructors who have over 40 years of combined teaching experience in leading breath workshops.

Classes will cover: 

  • The fundamentals of NeuroDynamic Institute’s unique breathwork modality
  • The facilitation skills necessary for conducting breathwork sessions
  • The ethics of breathwork
  • Personal development
  • Other key aspects of hosting workshops, including marketing, promotion, and public communication 

Never thought you’d get to learn about doing business while learning about breathwork, right? This class has it all!

The program includes both in-person and online practicum sessions, equipping you with hands-on experience, as well as knowledge on how to conduct workshops under special circumstances. Throughout the 350-hour curriculum, you will have access to training videos, music sets that are scientifically designed to enhance breathwork, and the opportunity to work with Michael Stone, the founder of NeuroDynamic Institute. In case you didn’t know, this is the same guy who’s facilitated over 1,000 breath workshops - more than anyone else in the world. So when it comes to guidance from a pro, Michael Stone and his team can definitely give that to you!

By the end of the program, you will be certified to lead one-on-one and group breathwork sessions online. Do you prefer the proximity of in-person workshops over online classes? No problem. If you’re interested in conducting in-person group workshops, you can choose to attend an optional 3-day online intensive, which will provide additional training in this area.

A satisfied participant said: “Completing the course, I feel well-prepared to handle any situation that might arise during breathwork, confident in my abilities to hold space, and the clarity to recognize when personal mental projections are affecting my perception in a way that would interfere with achieving the most holistic and ethical outcomes in this space. The benefits of completing this program will extend beyond your time spent guiding breathing, seeping into every area of your life.”

There’s a reason this program is wildly popular. Nearly everyone who’s ever come out of it has reported life-changing transformations of the beneficial kind. And you can be one of them, too. Just make sure you sign up quickly; class space is limited, and spots are filling up fast.

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