Get Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy In Port Orange To Treat Menopause

Feb 16, 2023

From fatigue and mood swings to weight gain, the symptoms of hormone imbalances can be debilitating. Fortunately, Angelic Lift now makes hormone replacement pellet therapy very accessible by accepting PPO insurance.

Get Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy In Port Orange To Treat Menopause

Looking to balance your hormones or boost your energy? Angelic Lift presents an innovative hormone pellet therapy that would get you feeling like yourself again.

The bio-identical hormone replacement pellet therapy is now easily accessible, especially if you have preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance.

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No need to struggle with hormonal imbalances, now you can receive personalized hormone pellet therapy (HPT) to restore hormonal balance and alleviate your symptoms without worrying about the financial burden.

"Pellets provide your body with a continuous release of hormones avoiding fluctuations" explained Dr. Tinuade Olusegun of Angelic Lift. "There’s no need for a daily dose or weekly injections, and once they’re inserted, the body naturally does the rest. They’re primarily used to treat hormone deficiencies and imbalances in both men and women," she added.

The bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is ideal for you if you are experiencing symptoms of hormonal deficiencies, including urinary problems, menstrual headaches, incontinence, and others. Using small pellets containing natural hormones, the professionals at Angelic Lift help you regulate your hormone levels.

During an appointment, the staff at Angelic Lift will determine the ideal treatment plan for your hormonal imbalances. The appointment can be completed in about 15 to 30 minutes, after which a doctor would provide additional instructions for recovery depending on your unique situation.

The hormone replacement pellet therapy is painless and has minimal downtime, with most people able to return to normal activities within a week of treatment.

Angelic Lift's HRT offers long-lasting relief. As such, daily treatment or weekly injections are not required. For optimal results, the clinic recommends three to four appointments per year.

Angelic Lift is making its hormone replacement therapy (HRT) more accessible to men and women in Florida. Led by Dr. Tinuade Olusegun, the clinic employs cutting-edge technology for diagnostic testing and lab services to help clients address their hormone imbalances.

"At our clinic, we use pellets to transmit the bio-identical hormones into your body," said Dr. Tinuade Olusegun, Internal Medicine Specialist at Angelic Lift. "You simply come in, have the pellet inserted, and forget about it until the time comes you need a replacement."

With the team of professionals at Angelic Lift, you can receive high-quality hormone therapy tailored to your unique needs while taking advantage of your PPO insurance benefits.

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