Get Big-Brand Products At Discount Prices With Live Phoenix, AZ Shopping

Oct 18, 2021

Want an exciting shopping experience in Phoenix, Arizona? Try the Binlyfe Facebook live freestyle shopping event for overstock deals and discounts!

Are you tired of the boring old online shopping experience? Clicking through websites and reading product reviews is the same all across the country. But this Facebook live shopping event brings a whole new twist!

With the latest channel update, you can buy products from Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and other popular brands at more affordable prices.

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Binlyfe wanted to create a shopping experience with a difference. With this in mind, they took inspiration from QVC and HSN but integrated the concept into the social media space. Now they sell live through Facebook, and on the Binlyfe app on iOS and Android.

The shopping station is an overstock partner with major brands and companies ranging from Bed Bath & Beyond to Sam’s Club. You can discover accessories, homeware products, and beauty items through the freestyle Facebook shopping environment.

The latest update includes popular beauty products as part of the Exclusive Range. You will find Formula X nail polish, Yves Saint Laurent perfume, and a wide variety of other options.

The full range of categories includes baby and children’s toys, health and beauty, apparel, vehicle accessories and cleaning kits, pet products, and more. Because the channel is available on both Facebook and the mobile app, you can access the exciting experience from home and when you’re traveling.

The Facebook and mobile shopping channel connects you with affordable deals across a broad range of categories. Through its live shopping platform, you have a more exciting experience that’s different every time.

Once you have bought your desired items, you can collect them from the store’s Phoenix location. You just have to contact the store to arrange a pickup time, and the Binlyfe team will confirm the schedule.

A spokesperson for the company states: “BinLyfe puts a twist on the average shopping experience. Our live-sale app for iOS and Android allows customers access to an impressive array of diversified products at incredible prices. With 24/7 access to online sales, we’re sure to have what you need at the right price.”

The latest channel update is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing you with a more engaging shopping experience. High-end products are available at more affordable prices across all budgets.

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