Get Best Waterproof Vinyl Decking Materials From This Wellsville OH Manufacturer

Mar 15, 2021

OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc., a waterproof products supplier based in Wellsville, Ohio, now offers vinyl deck and roofing products. The business specializes in producing waterproof PVC decking and roofing solutions.

Don't compromise on your decking and patio materials--call OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc., ask about their new vinyl deck and roofing products and discover why it is the best decking materials your home deserves!

OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc., a waterproof decking manufacturer based in Wellsville, Ohio, announced the launch of their new vinyl deck and roofing products. The business specializes in developing innovative waterproof decking and roofing solutions.

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The newly launched products aims to provide you with better alternatives to traditional wooden decking materials. Conventional wood decks and patios are often more susceptible to water and weather damage and more vulnerable to wear and tear. Wanting to offer you a more superior yet more affordable option, OnDek Vinyl Worx now offers new waterproof vinyl deck and roofing products.

The company’s new revolutionary product is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) product, used outdoors where waterproofing is required—on decks, patios, balconies, walkways and roof decks. The vinyl deck and roofing membrane is engineered to deliver long lasting waterproof protection for your homes, protecting it against rot and expensive maintenance or repair costs.

Besides permanent waterproofing, the product is also fire-resistant, has ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers and inhibitors for added protection against sunlight and infused with anti-fungal agents to protect from water damage and decay. The vinyl product is also slip resistant and splinter-free.

Manufactured in 6 beautiful designs that accurately mimic the look, feel and color of traditional decking materials such as textured concrete, wooden planks and cobble stones, you are given many options to match your design requirements. The product is manufactured in rolls (72” x 300 feet) and has a non-woven polyester back layer to promote glue adhesion.

Moreso, OnDek Vinyl Worx’s vinyl decking products meet and exceed national building codes and are approved by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) and meet US standards in accordance with ICC-ES AC75, Acceptance Criteria for Membrane Roof-Covering Systems. The company also offers a 15-year waterproofing and 5-year appearance warranty on all their products.

OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc. is the trusted name in waterproof decking and roofing products--call them today at +1-216-389-2212 to inquire about their new PVC products!

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