Get Best Application Assistance For Provincial Nominee Program In British Columbia

Dec 2, 2021

Have you always wanted to live in the beautiful country of Canada, but have no idea how to go about it? Call You Deserve Immigration Inc. at (604-501-6565) today! They will assist you every step of the way.

This Canadian immigration consulting firm based in Surrey will help you understand all the requirements to apply to the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). 

Go to for more information on how they can assist you.

The expert team will guide you on how to relocate to the province of British Columbia for either work, study, or investment purposes. 

The Provincial Nominee Program agreement with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the province’s only immigration path for future British Columbians. 

If you are an international student, foreign worker, or entrepreneur wanting to get into the country, You Deserve Immigration can direct you through the multi-faceted application process.

If you desire to make British Columbia, Canada, your new home, you must be able to offer the skills and expertise needed to help grow the local economy. The IRCC allows the program to grant permission for only a limited number of people to be nominated.

If nominated, you and your dependent family members can apply for permanent residency in the province. The time limit to apply is six months, and the final decision and selection for immigrant status will be carried out by the federal government.

For registration purposes, if you are an international candidate who has accepted a job offer in British Columbia, you can go to the official website and create a profile. After registering, you will receive a score. 

During a certain period of time, registrants with the highest scores will be invited by the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program to apply for a nomination. From that moment, the invitees have 30 days to submit an application and pay the processing fee. If you fail to do so within this time frame you will be eliminated from the list after one year.

As can be seen, accomplishing all of these steps can become very complicated. That is where the expertise and resources of a firm like You Deserve Immigration come in.

Before starting the process, one of their licensed immigration consultants will give you a clear picture of what to expect and the different options available. Their skills and knowledge of the various steps and requirements will prove to be highly valuable.

Their team of experts will provide you with tailored advice to your situation and pay close attention to your individual needs. The firm has a history of a high success rate with its cases, and they will only take on the ones they believe will make it through.

By visiting you can access more details about the firm’s services. Don’t try to work out this complicated process alone - call them today!

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