Get Automated RSS Feed Blog Content Delivered To WordPress For Regular Posts

Aug 6, 2020

If you want to create regular content to engage your audience or increase your Google ranking, this is the ideal tool. It automates the hard work for you!

One of the biggest challenges facing bloggers and business owners alike is what to write. We all know it’s important to create content regularly, but the blank page can be terrifying.

If you want help creating content to engage your audience, this is the ideal tool. It takes the stress and hassle out of the process and automates all the hard work for you!

A new automated set-and-forget auto blogging platform has been launched called RSSMasher Technology. It’s designed to use the most popular and trending news through RSS feeds to create an automated content marketing machine.

More information can be found at:

The team explains that this SAAS-based application can combine your existing RSS feeds, Google sheets, and YouTube channels into custom-designed RSS feeds.

For beginners who don’t have experience with RSS feeds, there is a complete mastermind available covering ways to make money and get a flood of traffic through utilizing this automated content delivery approach.

RSSMasher Technology has built-in feeds that clients can use to quickly start auto blogging their website. This leads to faster content population, which is a fundamental element of establishing a prominent ranking on Google.

The most popular feature of the powerful new marketing tool is the scheduler, which takes the mashes that have been created in a few minutes and drip-feeds content to WordPress blogs.

In addition to this, clients can schedule social posts back to either their new blog post or the original articles. Functionality includes posting to Tumblr, Blogger,, and Twitter, with Facebook pages soon to be integrated.

Clients are also able to post to Integromat and Zapier as web hooks, giving them hundreds of different social posting options.

One of the most difficult elements for content marketers and bloggers is facing the blank page and not knowing what to write. Posting regular content is one of the most fundamental principles of a good marketing strategy, but this can be time consuming and difficult to master.

RSSMasher Technology can reduce the stress associated with content creation, as it does the hard work for the client. Once the mashes and schedules have been created, it posts fresh and trending news directly to the user’s site.

Business owners and writers can get fresh content automatically delivered on a set-and-forget basis. Words can easily be made into hyperlinks, providing a proven backlink building system.

The company states: “Research, build and schedule. Choose the RSS Feeds, build the rules to extract what you want, and schedule the articles to post. Once setup, you let the system do the hard work.”

You can find out more on the link above!

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