Get Antique & Oriental Rug Protection Treatment From Gallaway Textile Cleaner

Jul 4, 2023

Are you looking for the best way to keep your favorite textiles looking bright and fresh? River City Rug Cleaning (+1-901-341-7847) in Gallaway uses Microseal solutions to protect rugs from everyday wear and accidental spills!

Protect your prized area rug from spots, sun damage, and pet dander with nanotechnology! River City Rug Cleaning will apply a Microseal solution so that your textiles stay cleaner for longer!

The textile cleaning team utilizes rug sealing technology suitable for silk, wool, cotton, natural, and synthetic fibers. By taking preventative measures such as rug sealing to protect your rugs, you can reduce the effects of sun exposure and add a layer of resistance against spots and stains.

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The local cleaning company recommends you contact an experienced service provider who can help you maintain your treasured textiles. River City Rug Cleaning can apply Microseal, a formula estimated to make rugs 60% more resistant to wear and abrasion, extending their lifespan and keeping colors looking vibrant.

The company suggests you leave the rug untouched for up to 2 hours after the micro seal application, at which point it will be dry to the touch and will have no distinct smell. The River City Rug Cleaning team can also apply the sealant to your upholstered furniture and other textiles.

While other sealants sit on top of the rug as a coating, Microseal penetrates deep into the rug fibers to strengthen and protect the fabric without creating an unpleasant residue. The treatment utilizes nanotechnology to seal your rugs without altering the color or texture of their surface. The non-toxic, non-allergenic formula makes it safe for use in your home, around children, pets, or family members with respiratory issues.

The application of the rug-protecting formula preempts common spills and spots, which will be easier to remove if and when they do occur. Moreover, the long-lasting formula can withstand up to 10 professional cleaning sessions before needing to be reapplied.

About River City Rug Cleaning

River City Rug Cleaning offers you rug pick-up and delivery, as well as drop-off services for your convenience. Its cleaning team will never use large-scale rug washers, preferring to hand-wash your textiles to deliver a customized service that considers the delicate and natural fibers comprising antique, oriental, and Persian rugs. The service provider is the only IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) master textile cleaner currently operating in the Memphis area.

River City Rug Cleaning hand-washes area, antique, and oriental rugs for clients throughout the Memphis metropolitan area - call 901-341-7847 to get your textiles cleaned and sealed!

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