Get An Elegant Stand-Up Jewelry Box For Necklaces & Rings At This Beauty Store

Nov 17, 2021

Introducing Lush & Glam, your go-to beauty organization store. We offer a wide array of different organizers for your jewelry or make-up.

Hey there, beautiful. When was the last time you said that to yourself? We know that it can be hard sometimes, but you know what? Screw that narrative. You ARE beautiful. You ARE amazing. You are a star in someone’s life – and trust us when we say that so many people appreciate you for just being you.

Celebrating women in their private moments, we at Lush & Glam inspire you to feel good about yourself with our latest collection of beauty organizers. Each box helps ladies of all ages stylishly store their most prized possessions.

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We believe that beauty is empowering and that femininity should be embraced with grace and style.

Think Grace Kelly, but with added spice.

By helping you properly store your favorite make-up and jewelry, we hope to make you feel more glamourous. After all, we all feel better when everything is in the right place exactly when we need them.

Nevertheless, our intention is self-love. According to emerging data, around 50% of all women feel insecure in their bodies. Experts note that the emergence of social media and heavily filtered photos are contributing factors to this statistic, where women are subconsciously told that they have to look a certain way to be accepted by society.

This negatively impacts emotional health and may manifest in behavioral disturbances such as not wanting to look in the mirror or not caring for their appearances. We attempt to alleviate this negative self-perception by making you WANT to look good – not for others, but for yourself.

One of our recommended products is our Flower Power Jewelry Box For Women, an exquisitely designed piece that features several small drawers for rings, a double door with hanging hooks for necklaces, and a hollow base for nose pins, rings, or tiny stud earrings.

The box also has a transparent dust-proof roof so that ladies can see their jewelry without worry. You can choose to have this jewelry box in three elegant colors, winter white, lotus pink, or sea blue.

Worldwide shopping is available. We ship within two to seven days once an order has been received and payment has been confirmed. Because each product is carefully made, orders cannot be changed or canceled once it has been placed.

You do you, girl. We got your back. Go to so you can learn more.

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