Get American-Made Face Masks Factory Direct From This Georgia Manufacturer

Aug 9, 2020

Looking for premium quality, American-made face masks? Contact Luosh USA today for face masks made in Georgia using domestic materials. Our BFE 98% face masks are perfect for every day users and medical professionals!

Don’t settle for low quality personal protective face masks- buy locally produced masks from Luosh USA for premium American-made products that are produced near Atlanta Georgia in their FDA-registered factory!

A local Marietta GA husband and wife team have launched a face mask manufacturing facility, producing reliable personal protective equipment (or PPE) from US-sourced materials to help to remedy the widespread shortage of quality protective goods. 

The couple’s FDA-registered production facility, Luosh USA, manufactures 1.5 to 2 million single-use latex and silicone-free masks per month. Additionally, the newly launched facility will produce N95 Respirator face masks available starting September 2020, all of which constructed in an ISO-7 clean room environment.

More information is available at

Instead of settling for the ineffective imported masks and third party elevation of foreign material costs, the local couple launched mask production at Luosh USA in Marietta, Georgia.

Their factory was launched early 2020 to satisfy American PPE shortages due to the low-quality imported face masks sold everywhere in the US. Instead of overpriced imported protective equipment, which may contain ineffective filter material, locals can now have access to a reasonably priced, high quality, reliable source of PPE made from American made materials

After noting a shortage of protective equipment amongst physicians on the pandemic frontline in Georgia, husband and wife team Melody and Jeremy Briggs coordinated local efforts to begin producing high quality face masks to counteract dwindling supplies available to medical professionals and everyday users. Today their facility employs ten full-time workers to meet the growing demand for high quality personal protective equipment.

If you’re looking for high quality, face masks, you can find them at Luosh USA, where all masks are produced with double-welded ear loops, using American-made, hypoallergenic materials. This commitment to industry standards makes Luosh USA’s superior breathability 3-ply face masks excellent for both general and medical use. 

This means you won’t have to choose between various types of cheap, ineffective imported face masks – you can get some of the best US made PPE at an amazing value directly from the manufacturer!

A spokesperson for Luosh USA said “People should have access to safe, effective, premium face masks from a source they trust and know, at a fair price. We are a family-owned and operated business with your own health at our heart.”

Luosh USA are a US based, FDA-registered manufacturer producing high-quality, American-made face masks.

Ready for the high-quality US-made masks you will always rely on? Click on the URL above or call +1-844-385-2472 to get them today! Reliable US Masks From Luosh USA

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