Get Access Management Consultant Service To Update Defense Company Data Security

Sep 14, 2023

As a defense contractor, knowing and controlling who has access to your data is crucial for security. To help you stay up-to-date with the best digital security solutions for your business, Azure IAM offers professional access management consulting services.

If you own a defense company, you should have the best digital security to protect your data. However, updating and moving systems to keep up to date with the latest options and requirements is not easy. That’s where Azure IAM can help with their access management consulting services.

Using a combination of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Privileged Identity Management measures, the team at Azure IAM can improve the security of your business’s access management.

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Azure IAM’s services allow you to migrate your defense company’s systems onto the Microsoft Azure platform, which has a range of improved security features such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Firewall.

As the world becomes more dependent on digital systems, it is crucial for your business to implement robust security measures to better protect your data and users from attacks. However, despite this need, a reported 79% of defense contractors have not implemented adequate security systems. To give you the ability to update and secure your data, Azure IAM provides expert access management consulting services.  

The company’s team has experience in migrating a client’s infrastructure from the popular Microsoft Identity Management (MIM) systems into Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure platform. This migration includes complete preservation of your data, as well as secure synchronicity for on-premise and cloud-based user identities. 

Once a system is migrated, you will be able to have better clarity on who, when, and what is happening on your systems with a centralized management system that allows for secure identity and access control. This increased control security and control also provides a simplified workload, as you can easily monitor, audit, and adjust access to assets, as well as take immediate action when necessary.

With a combined experience of over 75 years in the industry, the team at Azure IAM understands the needs and requirements of businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries, including defense companies, government agencies, hospitals, universities, and multinational organizations. The firm’s team has TS SCI Poly security clearance and includes certified Cybersecurity Architects, Azure Security Architects, Azure Solutions Architects, and Azure Security Engineers.

A spokesperson for Azure IAM said, “We have the expertise to accompany you in your quest to establish a digitally trusted identity system while staying compliant with the laws that regulate your industry.

Make sure your defense company’s systems are secure with professional access management services from Azure IAM.

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