Get A Relaxing Hot Stone Massage By A Certified Therapist At This Seattle Spa

Mar 24, 2023

If your shoulders and back could use a little R&R, treat yourself to a therapeutic massage at Seattle’s premier luxury spa Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750.) No appointment necessary!

Get A Relaxing Hot Stone Massage By A Certified Therapist At This Seattle Spa

On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your level of stress? A 5, maybe? A soft 7? A resounding 11?! Does your lower back ache? Is there a buildup of tension in your neck, your head, and even your face?

How does a relaxing therapeutic deep tissue or hot stone massage in a tranquil, luxurious spa setting sound right about now? Imagine your muscles being kneaded into submission and a sculpting facial massage that revitalizes those cheekbones and whisks away the wrinkles?

Are you there in your head?

Put your body where your mind wants to be and step inside Penelope and the Beauty Bar, Seattle's award-winning spa.

Choose from a menu of facial massages that prompt cell regeneration and blood circulation, ease tension, and reduce wrinkles. Or select a deeply relaxing hot stone massage performed by a highly trained massage therapist to banish shoulder pain, back pain, or muscle strain.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar, located at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, is a world-class spa with industry-leading services and luxurious, tranquil interiors. Welcome to your escape.

Make an appointment online at or, if you're in the area or staying at the hotel, just walk right in.

Remember at the start of the pandemic when everyone was working from home and people were suffering from back pain and shoulder pain because of unhealthy remote setups? Well, surprising new research finds the opposite is now true.

Many working professionals were given a company stipend during lockdown to create ergonomically designed offices. Once they returned to their bush league company setup, that's when all the back and shoulder pain started.

Over 70% of employees say muscle pain is now interfering with their work. If you'd put yourself in that group, then it's time for a relaxing and restorative massage. Or several massages! Get the relief you need and the escape you deserve at Penelope and the Beauty Bar.

“We offer a full range of face and body massages that are conducted by highly experienced aestheticians and certified massage therapists to help our clients look and feel amazing,” says a spokesperson for Penelope and the Beauty Bar. "With walk-in availability, clients get the treatment they need without waiting on an appointment."

A facial massage you just can't miss out on is the Sculptural Facelift Massage. Endorsed by celebrities and beauty experts everywhere, the Sculptural Facelift tones, strengthens, and relaxes your facial musculature. Proven techniques improve your blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to restore elasticity and reduce wrinkles. The massage is a 50-minute treatment and is also available as a gift certificate if you want to treat a friend to this revolution in facial treatments.

And, if you're coping with back and shoulder pain, you can book a deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, a hot stone massage, a Full Body Lymphatic Drainage massage, or any number of other available treatments.

A Traditional therapeutic Swedish massage blends long gliding strokes with kneading and friction to produce deep-level muscle and tissue healing and deep relaxation. The Full Body Lymphatic Drainage incorporates cupping and a restorative infrared jade pod to eliminate toxins and tension and stimulate circulation and healing.

(What you're feeling right now is the tingle of potential head-to-toe relaxation.)

As an award-winning spa, Penelope and the Beauty Bar provides services and products of the highest quality. With their full range of therapeutic massages and convenient walk-in service, you can relax with the treatment of your choice, any time you need it.

Are you ready to wave good-bye to all that tension? Learn more at

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