Get A Quality Night’s Sleep With This Affordable Luxury Quilted Mattress Topper

Jun 20, 2021

Looking for a mattress topper that’s soft, comfortable and gentle on your sensitive skin? Then the range from Acrali Home could be just what you need!

Is your mattress hard and uncomfortable? Can’t find a mattress topper that’s soft but works for your sensitive skin? Then the range from Acrali Home could be perfect!

Acrali Home, an online retailer of premium mattress toppers, has launched new products in their range on Amazon. The company specializes in uniquely designed mattress toppers for everyday use.

Go to their Amazon Store for more information.

The recently updated range of products offers you an affordable, high-quality selection of luxury hypoallergenic toppers for all bed sizes.

Though mattress toppers are designed to extend the life of a mattress and provide additional softness and comfort, often substandard toppers lose their thickness and softness soon after purchasing. However, a quality item can reduce the pressure on your mattress springs and prevent general wear and tear that keeps the mattress supportive and comfortable for as long as possible.

Acrali Home’s Quilted Double Mattress Topper has been created using hypoallergenic microfibre material that’s light, breathable and friendly to sensitive skin. The unique box stitching of the topper ensures that the filling is distributed equally across the product, to provide you with a uniform level of support.

The generously filled toppers from the company are 10cm (4 inches) thick, filled with hollow fiber, and easy to fit thanks to their secure elasticated corner straps. These prevent your item from slipping during use and make it easy to transport as they’re simple to remove. Mattress toppers from Acrali Home are machine washable, and suitable for gentle tumble drying.

With the latest announcement, Acrali Home continues to invest in providing customers like you with high-quality, allergen-free mattress toppers to fit beds of all sizes, from a Single to a Super King, available via their Amazon store.

A satisfied customer said: “After shopping around for a comfortable mattress topper, I couldn’t be happier with this offering from Acrali Home. Very easy to fit and it’s super soft with a nice thick cushioning layer. I’ve slept so well since purchasing it and I don’t feel any of the springs from my old mattress. This has saved me a fortune vs replacing my full mattress.”

Acrali Home is the mattress topper provider you can trust, for a great night’s sleep that’s breathable and kind to your skin!

Ready to get the best sleep of your life? Visit their Amazon store to get your mattress topper now!

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