Get A Natural Treatment For Skin Burns With Bio-Oxidative Speed Healing Spray

Nov 1, 2022

Do you wish you had something in your home to treat burns? Would you like an all-natural spray that provides pain relief and boosts your skin’s recovery? This is your calling to grab I Am Oxygen Rejuvenator spray now before you need it!

Get A Natural Treatment For Skin Burns With Bio-Oxidative Speed Healing Spray

Having something in your home to treat a burn as soon as it happens is vital for both relieving the pain but also to promote faster recovery. That’s why I Am Oxygen created its bio-oxidative Rejuvenator Cell Renewal Therapy mist, which gives you a natural way to speed up the recovery time of skin burns.

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Each Rejuvenator bottle is sufficient for approximately 1000 sprays and has a 2-year shelf life, allowing you to have it ready whenever you need it to treat a burn or other skin injuries such as cold sores, bites, spa treatments or abrasions .

With an estimated 2.4 million people a year suffering from a burn injury in the United States, having something that can help treat minor burns is a vital addition to any home’s medicine cabinet. However, many burn treatment creams contain environmentally harmful chemicals as well as being non-vegan. I Am Oxygen’s oxygen-based Rejuvenator spray offers you an all-natural alternative that harnesses the power of oxygen.

The spray's natural healing properties are derived from the antibacterial bio-oxidative compounds that it releases, as well as its balanced pH level. This combination can neutralize chemicals and soothe your burns, while also increasing your skin’s collagen production and restoring its natural elasticity.

IAmOxygen’s clarifying mist is also suitable for treating skin damage caused by other conditions such as eye sty's, acne, bee stings, sunburn, razor burns, and diaper rash. It can also help increase recovery and soothe pain from tattoos, piercings, and waxing, as well as following laser, micro-derm, chemical peel treatments.

As each bottle of the Rejuvenator spray has a two-year shelf-life, you can keep the product at home and ready to treat any unanticipated injury or skin damage. Additionally, as the bottles are 118ml, they are lightweight and portable, making them ideal if you need something to soothe any sores or burns you may get while working away from home or on holiday.

A recent purchaser of I Am Oxygen’s spray said, “I found this product while healing from 3rd-degree burns. The healing was phenomenal, and I wish I would have had this product when the burn happened.”

Make sure you’re prepared for unexpected burns with a natural and long-lasting bio-oxidative skin Rejuvenator mist! Also, this will be your best friend for all medical spa treatments for immediate pain relief and faster recovery time!

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