Get A Lush Lawn In Camden NJ With Fertilizer and Weed Control Experts

Apr 20, 2021

Get a lush and thick lawn in Camden, NJ, with a pH soil test and a personal plan for seasonal fertilizer and weed control lawn applications from Sunset Lawn and Landscape!

If you’d like a healthy, thick, and lush lawn, just mowing and watering it are not enough! A professional lawn care company will ensure timely fertilizer, weed and insect control applications in accordance with the soil’s pH balance to make your lawn look its best.

Sunset Lawn and Landscape, a commercial lawn maintenance and snow removal company based in Mantua, NJ, launched updated lawn application services for clients in Camden, NJ, and throughout South Jersey.

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Sunset Lawn and Landscape offers a wide range of lawn treatment options depending on the season. The company will start with an initial consultation and an evaluation of your turf. The analysis and measurements will be done on-site. They can be done without personal contact or even online for extra safety during the pandemic.

A critical step of lawn maintenance is testing the soil for pH balance, which is usually done in early spring. Unsuitable pH can lead to 20% to 70% of lawn fertilizer nutrients being wasted.

Sunset Lawn and Landscape will test your soil annually. The results will be assessed in a professional lab. Based on the results, Sunset Lawn and Landscape will determine whether your lawn and plants require lime to raise or sulfur to lower the pH balance and the proper amount of required fertilizer.

The company will then create a seasonal plan for lawn applications. Pre and post-crabgrass, post-broadleaf and nutsedge controls with staged fertilizers are applied during the spring, summer, and fall for a healthy, weed-free lawn. Insect controls are also applied in the summer. Winterizer application is scheduled for late fall.

Optional lawn maintenance services provided by the company include aeration, thatching, and seeding.

Sunset Lawn and Landscape is a family-operated business with over 30 years of experience with landscape care, exterior facility services, and lawn and ornamental treatments. The company makes sure each member of the team understands lawn care best practices and is up to date on the latest products and techniques.

A satisfied client said: “The yard was a wreck from the winter, there were debris and leaves everywhere. The crew came in and immediately started working. I was very pleased with the results. They even cleaned up behind the bushes against the front wall of the house.”

Sunset Lawn and Landscape will provide you with the necessary seasonal care for a beautiful and lush lawn that you’ll be proud of!

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