Get A Home Shooting Range From This Springville, UT Target System Company

May 12, 2022

Spire Ranges from Springville, Utah offers customized residential shooting ranges for your firearms training needs. Call +1-800-761-1231 to find out more!

Get A Home Shooting Range From This Springville, UT Target System Company

Are you in law enforcement? Do you want to hone in your shooting skills on your own time and your own pace? Then let Spire Ranges outfit your backyard with a state-of-the-art personal firing range that will be the envy of your friends.

Their services include personalized range fittings, indoor and outdoor installations, custom shooting stalls, and more. The company offers military-grade shooting ranges that provide optimum training experiences.

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Spire Ranges provides you with professional-grade private residential shooting ranges. The company thrives in making your dream range come to life, working closely with you to deliver on your personalized requirements and safety specifications.

The company strongly believes that its customers are the country’s heroes. Heroes such as law enforcement officers and the military keep every community safe. For this reason, Spire Ranges guarantees to give you innovative, top-of-the-line products with the strictest safety reinforcements.

You can choose from 6 customizable target systems, each with its specific designs, training purposes, and retriever styles.

The Command Urban target system is a multi-purpose range that uses a simple overhead retriever scheme, while the Command Recon features a wireless 360-degree turning retriever upgrade. Command Stryker and Command Fury will develop your split-second decision-making skills with their surprise targets that turn either at 90, 180, or 360-degrees.

Manufactured as an all-weather system, Command Bridger features a noise-free 90-degree turning design for maximum stealth movement. Meanwhile, Command Treadwell will train you for real-life situations with its multi-speed lateral moving targets.

You can configure your range specs—speeds, fire courses, targets—using Spire OS, Spire Range’s proprietary system control software.

You can also choose from 3 types of backstops or bullet trap frameworks. Designed for high-volume shooting, The Helix utilizes AR500 steel plate construction for maximum ballistic penetration prevention. Suitable for smaller ranges, The Blackout features a rubber bullet trap that can accommodate a wide range of calibers. It is coated with fire-resistant materials to enhance safety.

The Welkin is an original Spire Ranges design. It highlights a ceiling baffle system that is affordable and provides you with superior protection. It is adaptable to any range type or training and can be customized using different backstop steel thicknesses, allowing multiple fascia options such as sound abatement treatments.

Get the best firearms training right in your backyard! Call +1-800-761-1231 to find out how.

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