Get 1-On-1 Risk Management Mentorship For Beginner Day Traders At This Chat Room

Feb 17, 2024

Are you making decent money as a day trader only to lose it all again? Want to get the lowdown on becoming consistent in the stock market? My Investing Club can help you improve and build a successful career!

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Dive into MIC's extensive training suite and try the new risk management tutorials. The platform's mentoring program also offers private coaching to help you get to grips with all of the essential facets of day trading.

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MIC is committed to helping traders of all skill levels – from complete novices to intermediate traders, or anyone who is struggling with their stock market performance. You don't need to have any previous experience of trading to join the platform.

Risk management is easily overlooked by beginners in the day trading space. While naturally attention is focused on profits, a lack of adequate strategies to limit losses results in many new day traders being forced to quit within months of starting. Most beginner trading accounts are not large enough to cope with any form of sizable or sustained losses.

The new classes cover topics such as the 1% Risk Rule, which states that you should never risk more than 1% of your total account on a single trade. You're also shown how to calculate suitable Risk/Reward ratios. Identifying trades with higher ratios, for example, 3:1 or above, helps maintain larger average profits and lower average losses.

MIC mentors also explain concepts like stop-loss orders. These pre-determined exit points keep losses to a manageable minimum and can be executed manually or automatically via broker platforms. You'll also learn other risk management techniques such as position sizing which favors smaller individual trades as a way to build consistent profits.

The mentorship program gives you access to professional day trading experts seven days a week. Sessions can be held via voice calls or direct messaging and there is no limit placed on the amount of support that you can receive.

Subscription also includes automatic membership of the MIC chatroom and access to the weekly webinar series, regular Q&As, and daily trading blueprints. Fees start at $3,995 for one year.

A spokesperson says, “We explain in great detail strategies, setups, and how to control risk each day. Our members can have one-on-one conversations in our chat room with other moderators as well as phone calls to discuss their strategies, key indicators, and levels, and most importantly, how to improve on the next trade.”

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