Genuine Psychic Readings Given Away By Psychic Instant Messaging Service

Nov 6, 2016

Psychic readings are being given away by an exclusive Psychic Instant Messaging service recently updated and rebuilt to provide Psychic readings live. New users will be given Psychic answers so the quality of the service can be experienced live. More details from website at

The launch of a newly updated and exclusive Psychic Instant Messaging service has been celebrated by giving away twelve thousand pounds of Psychic readings.

Psychic Ivan Isher, also well known as Psychic Ivan ‘The Irresistible, is the driving force behind the launch of this newly updated Psychic Instant Messaging platform.

The Psychic readings are provided through the Psychic Instant Messaging system. It has some similarities with well-liked chat services. In practical terms, Psychic readings are delivered live to users. Visitors to the web site can easily claim a Psychic reading without any qualifying conditions (other than being over 18years of age).

The latest developments have seen the Psychic Instant Messaging platform totally rebuilt. It is now exclusive as a software platform to Psychic Instant Messaging websites. It now also runs much quicker and smoother. It has a newly designed user control window. The colors and size of the messaging area are also improved for ease of use and smooth operation. Anyone can now connect over the internet from anywhere in the world, using any type of device. This means personal questions are answered in real time.

The driving idea behind the improvements is to ensure the Psychic Instant Messaging service is much easier to use. The feedback so far from users is that Psychic Instant Messaging is intuitive and enjoyable to operate. Regular users looking for Psychic readings now have a different means of connecting live with a Psychic reader.

Psychic Instant Messaging can offer a distinctive way to learn how a genuine Psychic reader could contribute in resolving common life issues. This is useful for those who have never experienced a live Psychic reading service before.

Psychic services are without doubt showing strong demand. Psychic Ivan has stated his belief that anyone experiencing difficult or complex choices in their daily lives will find the service beneficial. Psychic Ivan has dealt with all manner of questions from people needing help and assistance. These include questions about relationship issues, family problems, business concerns and love problems and questions.

Psychic Ivan has pointed out some examples and said, "people often ask themselves if they are making the right choice when a new partner comes along. Sometimes people are wondering about the suitability of a current relationship and if it’s worth sticking with. These are all areas where a Psychic reading can offer insight and guidance"

Psychic Ivan went on to say, "I believe strongly in the power of this new Psychic Instant Messaging service to help many more people. In order to show by my actions that I am convinced, I made the decision to allocate twelve thousand pounds of Psychic reading credits to new users of Psychic Instant Messaging. This allows anyone to test the service and quality of Psychic insights delivered. Even sceptics now have the opportunity to try this new Psychic reading service for themselves"

For more information about Psychic Instant Messaging and the way it works please go to the Psychic Instant Messaging website at

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