Gaming Platform integrates ERC20 Tokens to the Encourage the Participation in the Development of Games

Jun 7, 2018

Yumerium is a brand new platform with the intention of integrating both blockchain and smart contract technology to rewards players with their new model of “earn-to-play” after their successful introduction of the “free-to-play” system to western markets.

Yumerium is a brand new blockchain-based, incentivised, open gaming platform which intends to spur the gaming industry again, a decade after the explosive growth of “free-to-play” games with the introduction of “earn-to-play”. Yumerium utilizes blockchain technology in the distribution of ERC-20 tokens that can be spent like real money. This model has major benefits as it incentivizes gamers to participate in the development of games while simultaneously breaking down the walls between game developers and the players.

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Yumerium intend to drastically change the structure of the gaming industry, decentralizing the publishing and licensing of games in order to foster the relationship between gamers and developers. Currently loyal gamers amount to a significant amount of total game sales but they do not share in the ownership of a game, in fact, legally gamers only own a license to play the game on a specific platform.

This legal disconnect can result in gamers unable to resell digital purchases as they could with physical disks or cartridges. This in turn, can result in gamers not properly compensated for a game and community they have helped fostered and created.

Yumerium offers solutions to these problems with the use of blockchain and smart contract technology with the new introduction of the earn-to-play model with digital scarcity and crypto incentive systems built in. This allows loyal gamers to be finally properly compensated for value they create while allowing game developers to reach new audiences with transparent marketing tools.

The creator of the Yumerium platform, Subdream Studios, has already launched the “YUM” token based on the ERC20, for existing games at Subdream Studios. Player retention is key to a successful gaming industry with the earn-to-play model incentivising the importance of this specific aspect. This, alongside providing incentives for those who join, play, share and review games will result in Yumerium quickly reaching critical mass allowing for the introduction of more quality games and unique features the integration of key functions such as payment and a license management with DRM.

The Yumerium team has a long history in the gaming industry including gPatato which first introduced the “free-to-play” model in western markets (North America, Europe and South America) and is already backed by a variety of global investors.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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