Free ERTC Calculator For 2020/21 Payroll Tax Rebates | Estimate CARES Act Refund

Sep 28, 2022

How much does the IRS owe your business in pandemic relief funds? Find out the easy way, in just a few minutes – absolutely free. You can even use their fast rebate service to complete your claim in 15 minutes or less.

Free ERTC Calculator For 2020/21 Payroll Tax Rebates | Estimate CARES Act Refund

I’ve always had a few mixed feelings towards calculators.

On the one hand, they’re super reliable – I can always count on my calculator…

On the other hand, I’ve never trusted those graphing calculators.

They’re plotting something, I’m sure of it…

Okay, enough jokes, because the calculator we’re here to talk about today does more than just your ordinary math, it could help you claim tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars from the IRS – I wish I’d had this kind of calculator in college.

ERTC Valet has partnered with a firm of ERTC specialist CPAs to launch their new rebate calculator, which you can use to determine your maximum allowable payroll tax refund, with no commitment.

Visit to figure out how much the IRS owes your business, and claim it in 15 minutes or less.

Even though the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program has become America’s largest relief fund in history, many employers are still unaware that they may be owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits from the IRS. This new calculator will help you to find out if you are eligible and how much you are owed, using the answers to a few simple questions.

Employers with between 5 and 500 full or part-time W-2 employees on average can use the calculator tool with no cost or commitment, to determine if they qualify for ERTC rebates as well as ERTCValet’s 15 Minute Refund program. This fast rebate service is only available from a single firm of specialist CPAs, and can help you to claim your rebates with a minimum time commitment.

Your business may qualify for rebates for the entire duration of the ERTC program, or for individual fiscal quarters. If your business meets the requirements for the entire duration, you may claim up to $26,000 per employee in rebates with no upper limit.

ERTC Valet’s calculator tool includes the most recent updates to the pandemic relief program, so you can calculate your rebates even if you have already received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, or did not qualify under the original ERTC guidelines. Still have questions? No problem, the calculator can also help you get in touch with an ERTC specialist.

If you’re eligible for rebates, you will receive a link to the ERTC specialist CPA firm’s secure server, where you can choose to complete your rebate application using the 15 Minute Refund program. All applications can be completed in 15 minutes or less, with the guaranteed maximum allowable rebate for each business, and included audit-proof documentation.

The ERTC rebate calculator is available with no cost, and no commitment, and the 15 Minute Refund program is entirely without risk. All fees rely entirely on your business receiving a rebate, and any business that does not qualify or does not receive a rebate will not be charged.

This new free calculator tool has everything you need to figure out if you’re eligible and how much you can claim. You can even use it to maximize your rebate in just a few minutes.

That’s a lot better than the calculators I grew up with. My family was never well off, and I had a hand-me-down that was missing its multiplication symbol.

Times were tough…

Visit to find out how much you can claim in tax rebates, the easy way.

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