Framingham, MA Insurance Brokerage Shares Free Resource On Flood Coverage Plans

Nov 30, 2021

If you’re looking for flood insurance in Framingham, MA, read this report prepared by BRZ Insurance (1-508-603-6777).

Do you want to protect your home against flood damage? Read this report!

With BRZ Insurance’s latest resource, you can learn four crucial benefits of having flood insurance. The report covers oft-overlooked facts about such plans, helping you further appreciate their value. 

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This newly published material was shared in light of the recent flooding caused by Hurricane Ida. It aims to protect you against the financial ramifications of property damage and loss due to deluges. 

According to research, Massachusetts’ sea level has risen eight inches since 1950, making the state more susceptible to flooding. Indeed, it is estimated that flood mitigation is costing the local government at least $1 billion.

Given the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home following a deluge, it is better to have a separate flood protection policy. As the report notes, such coverage is not included in your standard home insurance plan, thus leaving you vulnerable. This gap is especially concerning since a typical claim after a flooding event can reach $30,000.

Moreover, the resource notes that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) might actually require you to get flood insurance if you live in low-lying areas. The brokerage also reminds you to get a policy as soon as possible since coverage takes at least 30 days to be activated. Should a calamity occur before the plan takes effect, you may be forced to shoulder large repair bills.

As a prospective customer, you can request a no-obligation premium estimate through the broker’s website. You simply need to provide preliminary details about your property, after which a quote will be generated.

BRZ Insurance believes that getting a policy should be a simple and straightforward process. As such, it strives to provide easy-to-understand explanations for all plans so you can make better-informed decisions. In addition to flood coverage plans, the broker also offers life, auto, homeowners, renters, and umbrella insurance packages.

A spokesperson says: “We are an insurance company made by people for people. A community that speaks the same language, by people who care about your future. Here you can find all the protection and care that a home should offer.

Access the report today! And don’t forget to get flood insurance to have greater peace of mind.

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