Fort Building Kit for ADHD Kids Under 7 Less Than $50: Toy to Reduce Screen Time

Jan 17, 2024

Is your ADHD child climbing up the walls during winter? Get a KiboFort™! These fort-building sets are perfect for hyperactive children in need of an indoor boredom buster.

All kids drive their parents insane from time to time. But if you're the caregiver of a child with ADHD, your patience probably gets tested a bit more. With a KiboFort, you can bring harmony back into your home. These fort-building kits can keep even the most hyperactive little tot entertained for hours!

Check out these affordable boredom-busting play sets here:

The fort-building tent kits are perfect for ADHD children under age 7 who need a healthy outlet to burn excess energy, especially in winter when there's less to do outside. The KiboFort encourages critical thinking while providing a multisensory play space for hyperactive kids. 

Educational Indoor Fun 

You and your kid probably have different ideas of what a good indoor activity is. If you're looking for a fun alternative to convince your child to put down their screens, you're not alone!

Many parents of ADHD children struggle to find indoor activities that entertain them without being overstimulating. Luckily, the KiboFort sets were designed with hyperactive and sensitive kids in mind, offering a fun way to practice concentration and fine motor skills.

Premium Quality Kits For Creative Play

The KiboFort comes with 100 sticks and 36 balls to attach them with and is available as complete kits with tents and glow-in-the-dark sticks for a magical experience. The kits offer endless designs and constructions, always giving hyperactive children a new way to test their imagination. The non-toxic materials are durable and made to withstand many years of play.

Affordable Fort-Building Kits For Family Bonding

The fort builder sets are also good for practicing communication and collaboration skills with friends and family. In fact, an article from Very Well Mind stated that children with ADHD may find it easier to express themselves while being creative, quoting a study that found it easier for diagnosed kids to talk about their lives when drawing. The KiboFort can be used as a fun indoor activity at home but also as a shelter from attention-drawing distractions in the classroom.

A KiboFort is an affordable sensory toy especially suitable for children with ADHD, ADD, and autism but can be enjoyed by the whole family. Kids of all ages appreciate this DIY building kit that is sold for under $50!

About KiboFort

KiboFort was founded in early 2018, and the founders have gathered inspiration from Europe and North America to make high-quality forts at a low cost. The company is based in the US but offers worldwide shipping and has happy customers as far away as New Zealand.

"This isn't just a toy; it's an invitation to bond with your children like never before," said a spokesperson for the company. "Join them in crafting rockets, building tents, and constructing houses. It's quality family time at its best."

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