Former Exec’s Short Novel Is a Funny Takedown of Cutthroat Office Politics

Nov 2, 2023

Some bosses are beasts. Author H.C. Yip has made this literal by turning the office into a jungle in his funny, astute satire of the workplace – ‘Animal Spirits – Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard.’

Some books are a slog. Others can't be put down. For workers who have suffered under monstrous bosses, Animal Spirits is certainly the latter. In just 75 pages, H.C. Yip has taken a lifetime of personal experience as a finance executive dealing with evil colleagues and distilled it into a darkly comedic story that is available in both e-book and print.

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Good Beats Evil In This Concrete Jungle

In the story, the author has used animals instead of humans to make the predatory nature of white-collar workplaces more clear and entertaining. The story revolves around the murder of the rank-and-file workers’ leader, Monkey, committed by one of the office’s cutthroat executives, Wolf. Wolf carries out the sinister act as part of his plot to steal the company’s hidden financial reserves and goes so far as to blame the killing on his fellow wicked executives, Crocodile and Eagle.

In addition to their greed, the executives in the story are shown to be debauched, sexual deviants. In an office space where sex acts are routinely traded for career advancement and other favors, the depths of the animals at the top of the hierarchy know no bounds.

While the central incident in Animal Spirits is bleak, the story showcases the rising up of ethical, virtuous workers against their amoral bosses, as Yip reveals that Monkey outwits the executives by both tricking them and haunting them from beyond the grave. In demonstrating the triumph of humane workers over ravenous executives, the author intends to inspire people currently struggling in workplaces replete with Machiavellian behavior.

Yip’s novella has been laced with satire and humor throughout to ensure an entertaining read amidst all the betrayal and deception in the story.

A Truly Relatable Tale

Studies published by the Society for Human Resource Management found that ¼ of all Americans dread going to work and 84% of workers state that poorly trained managers cause unnecessary stress. With poor management and toxic office culture harming so many, Yip believes his tale is the type of story that a vast array of employees can relate to.

About the Author

Following a long, distinguished career as a financial industry executive, H.C. Yip was suddenly laid off by his bosses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Around this time, he lost his mother and his beloved dog who had been his companion for more than 15 years. Suffering from anxiety, depression, and financial hardship, Yip became an author to improve himself and offer relatable stories to others with similar struggles.

Animal Spirits is Yip’s third book, with his most recent previous publication being the 2022 release 'Near Death Experience: Imagination or Reality'

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