Food Traceability Compliance Software For Global Supply Chain Transparency

May 12, 2023

Are you doing enough to meet the FDA’s latest regulations on food traceability? With rfxcel, you get a complete digital product tracking and compliance suite that reports directly to audit and/or regulatory systems. Read on to find out how your company could benefit!

Struggling to meet updated compliance standards across your food supply chain? Thanks to rfxcel, there's an easy software solution that keeps your business in check while improving product quality and consumer satisfaction. Talk to the team today!

Whether you're a grower, distributor, or retailer, the rfxcel system puts a suite of powerful monitoring tools and predictive analytics features into your hands, improving transparency for the food industry as a whole and making compliance simpler and more achievable for all parties.

Connect your food company to the new face of traceability. For compliance made easy, you need rfxcel! More details at

The company, which is part of the Antares Vision Group, is committed to helping the food industry rebuild consumer trust and respond to a tightening of international regulatory standards. rfxcel is at the forefront of digitization and technology-enabled innovation for supply chain management.

Since the publication of the FDA's Final Food Traceability Rule in November 2022, partners across the food supply chain are seeking ways to meet the new standards while improving communications, upgrading record-keeping processes, and promoting transparency for regulators and consumers alike. With these changes, you'll have to face increased costs and labor-intensive procedures unless you adopt a system like rfxcel - an easy way to automate traceability and control standards.

rfxcel solves compliance issues and meets growing consumer demand for information and interactive experiences. By assigning unique digital identities to each of your products, food can be traced from farm to fork while opening up new opportunities to build connections between your brand and your customers.

The rfxcel software allows you to authenticate all of your raw materials and ingredients, validate data, and manage your inventory remotely. Compliance reporting is sent directly to audit and/or regulatory systems in territories across the world, resulting in a reduced administrative burden on all of your food chain partners.

You can mitigate damage to stock, minimize delays, and limit revenue loss with real-time tracking. The software allows monitoring of up to 12 variables including temperature, humidity, light, shock, and tilt. This complete view of shipments offers you visibility from top-level to unit level as well as tracking history for a product's entire lifecycle.

A spokesperson says, “The key to surviving and thriving in the new realities of consumer demand is to have an absolute lock on your supply chain — being able to verify the authenticity and origin of your raw materials and ingredients, and effectively, quickly, and accurately track and trace your products as they move across a global network of growers and shippers, distributors and manufacturers, and online and in-person retail outlets.”

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For automatic tracking and compliance solutions that you can rely on, choose rfxcel!

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