Flexible, Low-Cost 4-Post & Cantilever Shelving Units Reduce Clutter!

Feb 20, 2024

Looking to reduce clutter in your organization? Spacesaver Corporation (800-255-8170) offers 4-Post, Case-Type, and Cantilever shelving systems to help you stay organized and improve user safety in your institution.

In your dynamic work environment, you need storage solutions that are versatile and can adapt to your changing needs. With the range of shelving systems from Spacesaver, you can configure your storage to match your space, while increasing user safety.

Check out the shelving options at https://www.spacesaver.com

With 4-Post, Case-Type, and Cantilever options, the storage solutions are suitable for libraries, universities, archives, schools, and any kind of institution where you might be looking to improve security and efficiency.

With the flexible line of shelving systems, Spacesaver highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to providing high-quality, durable storage solutions for your business, academic facility, or non-profit organization.

Enhance Innovation

A study on creating and maintaining spaces for innovation published by the University of Connecticut shows that reducing clutter and maintaining orderly storage of items contributes to higher levels of organization and creativity in public spaces like libraries.

With a flexible, configurable range of shelving solutions, Spacesaver helps you foster innovation for your staff and users. “Our shelving systems aren’t just shelving,” says a spokesperson. “They’re entire systems built to boost efficiency, improve security and accountability, and save space. For more than 50 years, Spacesaver’s industry-leading storage solutions have kept users functioning at the highest level.”

Increase Safety

All of the company’s storage systems are designed and manufactured in the United States, with an emphasis on high-quality materials - such as welded steel - and durability. The 4-Post, Case Type, and Cantilever shelves are mountable onto Spacesaver’s high-density mobile storage system, providing you with increased versatility and safety.

To help ensure that ambiance and aesthetics are maintained in public spaces, the shelving units also come with a choice of colors and finishes, helping them to blend in and create a harmonious environment that encourages creative work. You can choose from laminate, wood, acrylic, and resin finishes, which are sourced through Spacesaver’s network of local distributors.

Enjoy Customizable Accessories

Shelving units also come with a wide range of customizable options and accessories, such as casters and bins for high-capacity storage, display features, Nantucket drawers and trays, and frame-mounted doors.

With an emphasis on adaptability and functionality in dynamic environments, the shelving units can be configured and reconfigured in a number of formations, helping you maximize floor space and adjust to changing needs, such as new collections or exhibitions.

You can find more details and explore Spacesaver’s full range of storage solutions at https://www.spacesaver.com

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