Fixed Pricing & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on HVAC Services with PriceFixer

Oct 31, 2018

PriceFixer in Palm Springs, California has launched professional heating and cooling maintenance, repair, rebuild and installation services. They offer fixed pricing and no commission.

PriceFixer in Palm Springs, California has launched professional repair and maintenance services for HVAC equipment. The company specializes in heating and cooling equipment and offers fixed rate pricing with no commission.

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With the cooler months coming, Palm Springs residents are encouraged to pay attention to their HVAC sets and book regular maintenance appointments to stay ahead of any faulty equipment or damage that could crop up during the coldest months of the year.

The team at PriceFixer is experienced and qualified in all matters relating to heating and cooling services including maintenance, rebuilds, repair and installation. The company has 40 years of experience and is dedicated to helping their customers save money in the long run.

All work done by the company comes with lowest price guarantees for new systems, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, PerfectMatch confirmations, an Installation Workmanship guarantee and Safe Shield Protection. The company prides themselves on being one of the only companies to offer this level of satisfaction guarantees.

PriceFixer offers competitive fixed rate prices, no trip charges, no diagnostic fees and no mystery prices. The only additional cost on top of the fixed rate will be for parts, which is usually no more than $30. The technicians are all TruTech certified and don’t work on commission, so they will not be trying to sell extra, unneeded things.

The company has received many positive reviews for this work, including this online testimonial reading, “It was easy! I went online, reserved equipment, requested an appointment for a perfect match confirmation, and then set an installation date. Oh… did I mention I saved thousands?”

In addition to the above-mentioned guarantees and accolades, every TruTech Certified repair also comes with a free 2-year parts and labor warranty. Interested customers can find more information at the above link or by calling 760-547-4910

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