Fix Broken Teeth With Same Day Cosmetic Treatments From Jersey City Dentists

Dec 30, 2020

If you need emergency dental procedures to fix a broken tooth or relieve an infection, this dentist practice in Jersey City is here to help! Call (201) 204 0737 or visit their website to set an appointment.

A compromised smile can be a source of insecurity, but there are times when it can also mean hours upon hours of pain.

Montgomery Greene Dental offers emergency services for patients with broken teeth and other severe conditions that require immediate care. The dentist practice based in Jersey City, NJ has a complete range of same day cosmetic treatments and other procedures.

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The emergency services represent the dental office’s dedication to serving the needs of their patients despite the myriad challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The dentists are able to provide crowns if you have a tooth that requires a full covering to restore its original shape and size. As an alternative to crowns, they also have durable, non-permanent veneers that last for several years.

If you have decayed, cracked, or fractured teeth, composite fillings that match your natural tooth color are also available. The dental office uses a variety of filling materials to address different needs and preferences.

As there are cases where pain management is necessary because of existing decays and infections, the dental practice also offers root canal therapy and other procedures for relief.

Montgomery Greene Dental is composed of a highly motivated team of oral care professionals headed by Drs. Ari Dubov and Lana Bunis. Their clinic, located at 39 Montgomery Street, is equipped with some of the industry’s latest tools, allowing them to render quick, effective, and long-lasting treatments.

The dentists have made the necessary adjustments to their operations to account for the recommendations by the ADA, CDC, and OSHA in light of the ongoing health crisis. They note that while these have resulted in fewer options for appointment scheduling, they strive to accommodate patients as much as possible, especially in instances where urgent attention is necessary. 

One of their recent patients states, “Absolutely amazing dentist. They were able to fit me in for an emergency root canal after another office denied me. The entire staff was kind, warm, and professional. A rare gem and highly recommended.”

You may contact the dental office directly through their website stated above to request an appointment, and their staff will get back to you with the soonest available schedule.

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