Five-Star Northfield, NJ Real Estate Agent Shares Home Buyer’s Expert Guide!

Aug 24, 2021

Are you looking to move to Northfield, NJ? If so you should check out this free buyer’s guide! Sherri Lilienfeld 609-287-1795), a leading realtor, gives you the insider’s expertise you need to make buying your dream home hassle free!

Want to call New Jersey your home? Then make sure you read this insider’s expert property guide first!

Sherri Lilienfeld has revamped her buyer’s guide, a comprehensive resource that explains the entire process of buying a home in Northfield and the Jersey Shore area. It also offers crucial tips that make acquiring a property as seamless and hassle-free as possible for you. 

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This development is in line with Lilienfeld’s commitment to providing information that you can trust and rely on. She is affiliated with Apex Prime Realty, one of the top-producing brokerages in the locale.

With the onset of the pandemic, demand for housing in less-congested regions like New Jersey skyrocketed. Given the amount of competition you will undoubtedly face, securing a property has never been more challenging.

The buyer’s guide gives you deep insight into the home-buying process and local property market, boosting your chances of closing a deal. It is informed by Lilienfeld’s 17 years in the industry, during which she has helped clients buy and sell hundreds of homes. 

This resource covers all aspects of buying your house, including where to search for available listings. Likewise, it will tackle applying for a mortgage, making an offer, navigating the negotiation process, and finalizing your purchase. 

You can find a detailed moving guide as well, which teaches you how to plan and execute your relocation to New Jersey. Furthermore, you will learn how to select the most ideal home alarm and security system for your property.

Also included is a guide on choosing the best possible insurance policy for your home. The state’s property and other tax rates are discussed as well.

Sherri Lilienfeld is a respected realtor who works with both residential and commercial clients, providing valuable advice that allows them to make smart investments. For her outstanding service, she has been cited as a Five Star Professional for nine consecutive years — an honor bestowed only to the top 90 agents in the state.

Lilienfeld serves as the exclusive realty advisor for Downbeach Buzz, a local podcast and news site with over 45,000 subscribers. On the show, she shares the latest property trends and valuable insight into the Jersey Shore real estate market. Why don’t you listen to the podcast at ? Enjoy!

As Sherri says: “As a real estate professional, you can expect me to give you the information you need before making a large financial decision, such as buying a Jersey Shore home or an investment property. I’m committed to keeping my clients up to date on the buying process and I strive to answer their questions quickly.”

Know the ins and outs of buying a home. Read the buyer’s guide today!

Simply visit if you need further details about the realtor and her services.

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