Fire-Resistant & Impact-Proof Titanium Crypto Recovery Plates For DeFi Adopters

Apr 20, 2024

Do you have a proper backup plan for your digital assets? Make sure your seed phrase stays safe. Read The Crypto Merchant’s new guide to recovery plates and browse the store for great deals too!

Worried about protecting your crypto assets? Wondering if there's a better solution to recovery phrases than pieces of paper or storing them on your devices?

Read the latest guide from The Crypto Merchant exploring the importance of physical backup plates for the safe storage of your recovery seed phrases! More details at

Prime Protection

These robust plates or tablets give you a vital extra layer of security. Seed phrases are essential to the recovery of assets in the event of your wallet or exchange being compromised. The Crypto Merchant web store stocks backup plates from leading brands such as Cryptotag, Billfodl, and SecuX. Check out the amazing deals on offer.

Virtually Indestructible

Storing your recovery phrase digitally or manually on paper makes it vulnerable to hackers or loss, theft, and damage. By engraving or recording this vital backup phrase on a virtually indestructible tablet and storing it securely, you'll always be able to access your funds.

Titanium Plates

Plates are often made from stainless steel or other corrosion-proof materials. They are resistant to fire, water, and other environmental hazards and are designed to withstand significant impact. The Crypto Merchant has partnered with ImpressArt – a division of Stamp Seed – to produce a titanium recovery plate. Simply stamp your phrase on the provided metal sheets.

What You Get

This product contains 24 numbered cells, two sidelines for additional information, and utility holes that can be used for stacking multiple plates together. The Titanium Seed Phrase Stamping Kit is fire-resistant up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a 36-piece metal stamping set, a stamping hammer, and a jig to hold your plate in place during the stamping process.

You can purchase other products like the XSEED Pro at The Crypto Merchant store. This backup tool comes with two plates – one made from aluminum and the other made from stainless steel – tamper-proof stickers, and an engraver pen.

Expert Customer Support

You can expect your order within two to four business days and The Crypto Merchant support team is always on hand to answer any questions and offer setup advice for any product. The website also contains a host of informational articles, news, and reviews.

The Crypto Merchant takes your DeFi security seriously!

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