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Feb 24, 2021

Looking for the best historic home restoration and renovation contractor in Altoona, Hollidaysburg, and Bellefonte, PA? Or for any other historic home renovation project in Blair County and Centre County? Call Finochio Construction and schedule a consultation at your property today!

If you are in the Blair or Centre County areas looking for a service you can trust with your historic home renovation project, call the certified contractors at Finochio Construction to bring your dream home to life!

Finochio Construction LLC, a home construction and renovations specialist company based in Altoona, Pennsylvania, has launched an updated range of home and commercial property renovations services. The company now offers a broader range of historic home restoration solutions for clients in the boroughs of Holidaysburg and Bellefonte PA, as well as the wider Blair County, Centre County and surrounding areas.

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In general, a historic house is one that is deemed “architecturally significant” by the National Register of Historic Places, which is where historic homes and historic districts are listed. To qualify for this distinction, a house must not only uphold a certain architectural style but also capture a specific time period.

There are also local rules, regulations and codes regarding renovations to historic homes, including the review and approval of restoration plans by the relevant local review boards and city councils you will need to consider. The principals at Finochio Construction are very familiar with all of these requirements and can help guide you through every step required to obtain the necessary approvals prior to the work actually commencing.

An example of one of these detailed approval processes is in place within the historical districts of Hollidaysburg and Bellefonte, PA. The HARB (Historical Architectural Review Board) advises each of the city councils on the appropriateness of exterior modifications to buildings in the historic districts and manages the review and approval process.

The newly updated services provided by Finochio Construction aim to provide homeowners in Blair and Centre County communities with the opportunity to expertly renovate and restore their buildings while preserving their true historic architectural style. The team of licensed and certified home improvement professionals has the knowledge and experience necessary to restore historic buildings whilst ensuring tat your project adheres to the applicable rules and guidelines.

Blair and Centre Counties have a large number of historic districts and individual historic homes, with some requiring rehabilitation and revitalization to become functional homes for contemporary living. The pandemic has brought significant challenges to home renovation projects in the area, causing disruptions in the supply of construction materials and significantly increased costs.

But Finochio Construction is finding ways to source critical materials and deliver on its contracted projects while ensuring they are performed in a competent and professional manner. The company will guide you through the entire renovation process, from paperwork preparation and building code regulations to delivering a project with excellent quality.

Finochio Construction also pride themselves in the transparency with which they work on project milestones and associated costs, ensuring you, the homeowner, stays fully informed.

“I am truly excited to be in a position to announce our new range of Historical Home Renovation and Restoration Services. It is a service offering very close to my heart – the Finochio Construction team are passionate about this line of work, and it has shown in what we have already accomplished to date” said James Finochio, CEO of Finochio Construction.

If you own an old house and are interested in selling the property, you can make use of Finochio Construction’s services, too. By contracting its team of skilled experts to renovate your historic home, you will be given the opportunity to benefit from a buoyant real estate market and a surging buyer demand.

Finochio Construction serves customers in Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Bellefonte, Bedford, Alta Manor, Juniata, Bellwood, Hollidaysburg, State College, Newry, and Tipton. 

The company also offers home remodeling services such as kitchen and bathroom upgrades and other home improvement solutions. The company also specializes in new home framing, siding, exterior, drywall construction, concrete sidewalks and fencing, and other home construction services. 

You can contract Finochio Construction to build certain additions to your home, such as custom decks, garages, or hire the team for maintenance services such as professional exterior and interior painting.

Finochio Construction is the trusted Blair County and Centre County team of contractors you can always count on – call them today at 814-381-1844 for all your home restoration needs!

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