Fine Art Auction Price Database Connects Investors With Best Deals & Analytics

Oct 26, 2023

LOT-ART is a new membership platform for interested fine art investors who want to find the best fine art deals and who want to use art investment for its capital risk diversification benefits.

With LOT-ART, you can confidently enter the world of fine art investment, knowing you can be guided both by your aesthetic preferences and by the most accurate data-driven price analytics.

LOT-ART is pleased to be offering you a comprehensive and data-driven resource that gives you access to historical auction price data from the world’s leading fine art and luxury collectibles auction houses. LOT-ART both provides you with a vast archive of historical auction prices and synthesizes this data into sophisticated ROI analysis, allowing you to explore the value trends of your preferred artists, periods, and art styles. 

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As the fine art market continues to be cushioned from the volatility that has impacted many other investment categories in recent years, LOT-ART has seen an uptick in new buyers coming to the market, looking at art as a capital risk diversification strategy. In order to meet the needs of these new investors, like yourself, they have created their new auction price database, which brings far greater transparency to fine art buying than has ever been historically possible. 

Using LOT-ART, you can attain quantifiable data on the true market value of any piece of fine art and an accurate assessment of its likely profitability, liquidity, and volatility. 

The platform also offers you trend analysis and market reports created by a team of experts with a deep understanding of the global art industry and market. These insights empower you to make intelligent investment decisions and stay ahead of market trends.

With LOT-ART’s inbuilt search platform, you can also set up customizable alerts for specific artists, periods, movements, styles and/or artworks. This feature ensures that you can easily stay up-to-date with the latest market developments and that you will be among the first to know when an item that matches your criteria is scheduled to go to auction. 

The platform also compiles comprehensive information on upcoming auctions, including preview dates and estimates. LOT-ART streamlines the process of tracking and comparing auctions by providing you with all the necessary details in one place. 

The founders of LOT-ART see their platform as more than just a database; but as a gateway to a world of market knowledge and insight that was previously difficult for beginner investors like yourself to access. If you want to become an art collector and investor, LOT-ART represents a significant step forward in understanding the fine art market from a strictly financial perspective. 

A spokesperson for the historical auction price database said, “Leveraging the platform’s big data analytics, market expertise and international network, LOT-ART will assist you with selecting, acquiring, valuating and selling fine art at the best price, to optimize your portfolio diversification strategy.”

If you want to understand art trends and secure the best fine art deals at auction, you want LOT-ART.

Visit LOT-ART's website and become a member today.

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