Find Top Calgary Auto Repair Shops For Quality Service With This Comparison Site

May 14, 2021

Looking for the best, affordable and top-rated auto repair mechanic near you? Use the Auto Fix Buddy platform today to find the car repair shop that fits your needs.

Ever experienced this – you need a repair job done on your car and you drove a long distance to a garage only to find they don’t offer the service you need? With Auto Fix Buddy’s car repair shop comparison platform, you will never have to go through this, ever again.

The Canadian company recently launched its updated auto garage comparison website for residents in Alberta, including Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, and Banff. 

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With this update, you can now search for nearby auto repair services and compare quotes from different mechanics conveniently. Also, local car repair shops will gain improved online visibility and easily connect with more potential customers.

Auto Fix Buddy is a leading car repair price comparison platform in Canada and the U.S. It provides a crowdsourced, real-time price update that allows you to find the best deal for your auto repairs. Over 3 million auto repair shops spread across the U.S. and Canada are listed on the platform.

You can find affordable auto repair services near you based on location, ratings, and reviews. You can also search listed garages based on the specific needs you want to fix. For example, the platform allows you to find the best garages for brake replacement, bodywork and dents repair, engines and cooling, hybrid and electric vehicles, and other general repairs.

In addition, special offers and garage amenities, including the availability of wireless internet connection, free estimates, open weekends, and others, are all searchable on the platform, enabling you to find the best deals from your favorite local auto garages.

Auto Fix Buddy features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. To search for nearby auto repair shops, you only need to enter your car type. The website will return a list of trusted mechanics, enabling you to compare quotes from several workshops. 

You can also book mechanic appointments directly on the platform. There’s also a chat feature you can use for real-time communication with the car repair shop owner.

A company spokesperson said: “Our mission is to help consumers avoid paying exorbitant rates for their auto repairs. Auto Fix Buddy provides motorists with a quick, easy and transparent way to search for services, compare, book, and review any garage in their local areas, based on an hourly rate, distance, availability, freebies, and convenience.”

No matter what your requirements are, you can find the right car repair shop that ticks all the boxes for you. Use the Auto Fix Buddy software to compare several auto mechanic garages near you.

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