Find The Best Winnipeg MB Auto Repair Shop With Car Garage Directory Listing

Apr 5, 2021

Looking for auto repair services in Winnipeg, MB? Auto Fix Buddy’s directory will help you find local car mechanics, compare them based on prices, ratings, and reviews, and choose the best deal!

Don’t worry about overpaying for car repair! You can save time and money with Auto Fix Buddy’s online car garage directory. With this website, you can find a trustworthy mechanic in just a couple of clicks!

Auto Fix Buddy, a car repair business directory website has just been launched in Winnipeg, Manitoba, helping clients find auto mechanic shops based on the services they offer and compare their prices.

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Auto Fix Buddy’s directory is a convenient way for you to find local services and compare them based on location, price, ratings, and reviews. Choose your car make and your location from a simple drop-down list and the comparative platform will help you find reliable auto repair services in your area.

You can also explore different categories to find a repair shop that offers the exact service you need. Categories include body, glass, and interior; heating and air conditioning; electrical and lights; brakes; suspension, steering, and wheels; powertrain, engine, and transmission; and others.

The comprehensive search panel also allows you to filter auto repair shops based on the additional amenities offered, such as the availability of a car wash, car rental service, shuttle, emergency appointment, seniors discount, wireless internet, and car pickup/dropoff.

The website features a separate page for each auto repair shop with photographs, working hours, a map, a list of services offered by the shop, and contact details for your convenience.

Over 12,000 car repair shops are already listed in the directory. Auto Fix Buddy gives auto repair shop owners an easy way to attract new clients in their area without placing ads and hassling with advertising agencies.

A satisfied client said: “This is the only marketplace in North America which gives you an option to compare repair prices for your automotive from nearby garages.”

Don’t pay exaggerated rates for your auto repair! Use Auto Fix Buddy to find reliable and affordable vehicle maintenance services in your area.

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