Find The Best Valentines Gift By Visiting This New Boho Chic Jewelry Website

Jan 12, 2017

Discover the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for someone special by visiting Silver Lining Jewelry Shop’s new online store. Here you will find the perfect range of boho chic pieces, including the statement silver and turquoise elephant pendant, which completes any outfit.

Silver Lining Jewelry Shop has launched a new online store focusing on trending and classic jewelry pieces. They stock a wide range of jewelry with a boho chic feel that includes bracelets, necklaces, lariat, earrings and anklets.

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Silver Lining Jewelry Shop explains that they believe passionately in good value and great service, which is why, they say, they commit themselves to providing both for their customers. They strive to be industrious and innovative, while offering the customers what they want.

Their featured collection is a selection of boho chic jewelry which are also featured in their Valentine's Day gift collection. One of the key pieces in the collection is the boho turquoise elephant necklace, which features a boho style elephant head pendant with a turquoise stone. The site explains that it can be worn as a statement piece that completes any outfit.

Another pendant necklace in the feature collection is the heart love drift bottle pendant. This piece is a silver bottle shaped frame that contains a heart shaped crystal, conveying the message of love. The crystal comes in three colors which are blue, hot pink and gold.

Within the boho theme the site also stocks a boho chic dream catcher keychain. The keychain has a selection of charms including a dream catcher, feather and a crystal for good dreams and protection. The keychain is available in a variety of colors that will match different outfits and bags, these include blue, black, brown and pink.

Other boho chic styles include a vintage charm turquoise bracelet, a bohemian multi layered turquoise choker and a double strand leather crystal choker. There is also a statement dream catcher necklace in stock which features a large dream catcher pendant. It is available with a multitude of different style elements such as wings, feathers and beads, as well as coming in different colors.

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