Find Preloved Diamond Earrings For Your Love In Time For The Festive Period

Dec 3, 2020

Icy Bids has launched a new platform aimed at savvy investors and people who want to purchase luxury watches and jewelry for less. The team explain they search online auctions and marketplaces to find the best preloved deals.

Do you find it challenging to purchase affordable jewelry? Have you considered buying jewelry or luxury watches as an investment? Do you find it frustrating scouring the internet for bargains? If you have answered ‘yes,’ this is the preloved platform for you!

A new platform has been launched designed to find you the best jewelry auctions taking place across eBay and other online marketplaces. The Icy Bids team explain the platform offers you auction roundups and highlights the best deals on jewelry across eBay to save you time and money.

You can find out more at

The new platform has been launched in time for the festive period as the team say they aim to help you find the best deals on secondhand and preloved jewelry. They add that they understand you may want to find authentic budget-friendly branded items that have potentially never been used by their previous owner.

Antique jewelry, diamond earrings, luxury watches, and online auctions are all searched for by the team to help quickly find what you are looking for, but for a fraction of the recommended retail price.

To ensure you receive the most up-to-date and accurate information, the team explain they update the page twice daily. They advise you to thoroughly check the end times for any eBay auctions you are interested in and say the best way for you to pay if you win an auction is via PayPal to ensure you are protected should anything unexpected happen.

Aside from providing a platform for you to search for unique jewelry pieces that may no longer be available in the shops, the team explain the items they find are of investment quality. This means if you are savvy and you want to purchase jewelry, precious stones, or luxury watches as a long or short-term investment, you may benefit from the platform.

In case you are wondering, the team behind the platform have many years of experience within the jewelry industry and online markets such as Amazon marketplace as well as eBay.

A representative said: “We love helping you and we also appreciate fine jewelry. Naturally, we enjoy sharing our finds, which enables us to earn money and maintain a high-quality free service for you if you are a buyer or individual seller.”

You can find out more by visiting the link provided! Alternatively, you can view more details at

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