Find New Deals & Prospect Opportunities With Investment Bank Pipeline Experts

Oct 2, 2022

Deal originating has gone way beyond lunch meetings and golf courses – and with OutFlow, a flexible, results-guaranteed solution is now available.

Find New Deals & Prospect Opportunities With Investment Bank Pipeline Experts

Finding prospects is challenging for investment banks. With two major types of potential clients, each with different needs, creating pipelines manually for buyers and sellers can be a massive time and money pit - so much so that without a smart deal sourcing strategy you could be looking at millions in lost revenue.

As the bulk of the financial industry deal origination process is rapidly transitioning into the digital sphere, OutFlow has introduced a four-step system designed to connect investment banks with potential clients interested in selling or buying. Depending on your needs, the deal sourcing process can involve you stepping in to set appointments yourself, or you can opt for a hands-off approach where you only become involved during the deal closing stage.

At the core of the company’s approach is sustainable and predictable opportunity generation coupled with effective pipeline management.

“The more people you talk to, the more people you do business with,” said a company representative. “It’s that simple. At OutFlow, we keep your calendar busy with prospects wanting to speak with you.”

OutFlow uses precise segmentation to identify your ideal audience and connect your with prospects interested in your services. The company develops an extensive quality prospect database kept up-to-date to ensure a continuous pool of potential prospects for investment banks.

Designed as a complete, hands-off solution, OutFlow’s deal sourcing process covers everything from finding the prospects and establishing first contact to securing meetings. The company’s experts will manually verify each opportunity to ensure it meets your needs, and you’ll have the opportunity to secure the appointment directly or via OutFlow’s specialists.

The end result is a deal origination system that gives you a reliable, fully scalable pipeline of new deal opportunities. OutFlow will guarantee a number of new qualified deals for your bank, and offers its services free of charge if they fail to deliver.

In addition to investment banks, the company’s services are also available for M&A advisors and brokers, private equity firms, exit planners, and other businesses in the financial sector.

Set the foundation for your investment bank’s financial growth - and save time and money so you can focus on what you do best.

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