Find Licensed, Certified Movers In Union City For Apartments With No Elevator

Oct 18, 2023 helps Union City homeowners find trusted movers – and spot the first signs of common moving scams.

Overcharging, fake credentials, and no-shows are just a few of the moving scams that cause US homeowners millions of dollar each year.

Staying safe isn't that difficult - you just need to know some of the most common red flags. hopes to make finding reliable providers easier - and empower you with the knowledge necessary to avoid falling prey to scammy movers.

“How to Find and Hire a Mover in 5 Steps”

The report by recommends taking enough time to do your research - and this can mean starting up to half a year before move date.

You should do both online research and get verbal recommendations, with careful checking of a mover’s credentials to make sure the shortlist includes only licensed, certified, and trustworthy companies.

Common Moving Scam: Overcharging

With overcharging after a low initial estimate being one of the most common moving scams, warns against going for the lowest bidder.

“While everyone wants to save a little money, you should always be skeptical of a mover that offers an unusually low quote,” explains the report. “This is often a red flag for a common moving scam - the company offers an enticingly cheap estimate, secures the customer's service and then hikes up the price exponentially prior to delivery. If the customer refuses to pay, the mover will hold the goods ransom and deny delivery until the bill is paid in full. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Get The Right Estimate

Another easy way to prevent being scammed is asking for a binding-not-to-exceed estimate. While binding estimates will ensure that movers do not overcharge, they also come with the downside of potentially paying more than what’s needed for the job. With binding-not-to-exceed options, you will have the flexibility to pay less, should the total shipment be less than initially thought.

Find Trusted Movers, The Easy Way

If you're looking for trustworthy movers, has compiled a series of directories of pre-vetted, licensed and certified companies.

Go to to find Union City movers you can rely on!

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