Find Lead Database Reactivation Services For Your Health And Wellness Business

Jun 28, 2022

Want to transform your health and wellness company’s sales numbers? Sonfu Digital Solutions can help you get the most out of your leads. Call them at 804-575-7301 to talk with an expert about their database reactivation service.

Find Lead Database Reactivation Services For Your Health And Wellness Business

If you’re a health and wellness company looking to see a significant increase in calls and appointments, you should start by making sure your old leads are well utilized!

Sonfu Digital Solutions will help you reactivate dormant sales leads from previous campaigns and transform them into active sales channels using SMS, email, and other media. Its unique mix of database reactivation strategies will help your business reach a wider customer base and improve its sales performance.

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According to the Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer can be up to 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one. This means that small businesses in competitive niche markets like the health and wellness industry can save costs by running highly efficient marketing campaigns that emphasize customer retention over customer acquisition.

Sonfu Digital Solutions’ database reactivation campaigns are specifically designed to support your business with tailored customer outreach programs. Its approach entails targeting your inactive leads with relevant messaging, resulting in renewed interest that eventually leads to inquiries and appointments.

If you’re concerned about long-term customer engagement, then this service is perfect for you, as the company’s strategies are designed to nurture prospective customers over a long period.

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About the Company

Sonfu Digital Solutions was founded by Sonnie Donaby, a computer science graduate who gravitated towards digital marketing after working with small businesses early in his career. He now uses his background in technology and experience in digital marketing to deliver unique services like database reactivation.

“A database reactivation plan helps business owners in precisely targeting their outreach to generate more revenue or leads from inactive customers who are no longer working with them or have moved to another competitor,” the company explained on its website. “By implementing the ideal database reactivation campaign, your small business can get their previous clients back, all while getting the best experience possible.”

Don’t let dormant sales leads make you lose out on repeat business. Call Sonfu Digital Solutions at 804-575-7301 to reopen that income stream today!

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