Find Eco-Friendly, CO2-Absorbing Paint In Dallas At This Leading Supplier

Feb 9, 2024

Ever heard of a paint that can turn your home into a tree? Thought not. Welcome to the brave new world of eco décor. Order Graphenstone from Pinnacle Paints for durable, washable, CO2-absorbing performance!

Looking for a non-toxic, eco-friendly paint?

Protect and decorate your property while doing your bit for the planet by choosing Graphenstone from Pinnacle Paints! More details can be found at

The Graphenstone Difference

The Dallas-based store offers you genuine alternatives to synthetic paints for domestic and commercial applications. Graphenstone products are specially formulated from lime and graphene and are free from VOCs and formaldehyde with a naturally high pH to help you combat mold and fungus.

Carbon Offsetting

Graphenstone's paint range absorbs carbon dioxide from the air during the drying process. Three 15-liter pots of the paint are capable of absorbing 14.40 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to what a 250 kg tree absorbs in a year. Amazing, right?

Health Benefits

By combining graphene with lime made in wood-burning kilns, Graphenstone has pioneered a durable, flexible, and non-cracking coating that is also breathable and washable. The paints can improve the quality of indoor air, limit pathogens, and eliminate the spread of harmful bacteria within your building. As such, the range is ideal for use in hospitals, nurseries, hotels, and childcare facilities.

Graphenstone Premium Line

Biosphere, from the Premium collection, is an exterior paint with the company's proprietary blend of graphene and lime and is ideal for construction and restoration projects. This paint also has impressive reflective power, contributing to the energy efficiency of your building. In addition, the mineral ingredients reduce sound reverberation and regulate temperature, reducing condensation and cold spots.

Also available from Pinnacle Paints is PrimerPlus – a natural cleaner that you can use both indoors and outdoors. With a pH level of 13 and calcium hydroxide in the formula, this product is ideal as a first coat for mineral paints.

You can pair the primer with GrafClean AG+, which offers a premium matte finish and contains silver ions for optimal surface protection lasting between 12 and 24 months. GrafClean AG+ is breathable, free from toxic substances, and, as with all Graphenstone products, helps purify the air with its CO2-absorbing properties.

Your Source of Eco-Friendly Paint

Pinnacle Paints stocks the full range of Graphenstone products. Since 1987, the company has been supplying a variety of high-quality paint products to a diverse clientele,

"Since 1987, we've been at the forefront of paint technology, ensuring that our diverse clients get the products they need for their projects," a company spokesperson said. "We also pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for every environmentally conscious homeowner or business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area."

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