Find Affordable Car Garages In Moncton With This New Repair Comparison Site

Jul 26, 2021

US and Canada-based drivers who are looking for affordable car mechanics should check out Auto Fix Buddy (+1-647-286-7043), a new price comparison platform.

Struggling to find a good mechanic? This new platform can help!

Auto Fix Buddy, a company based in Dieppe, New Brunswick, announces the launch of its new auto repair price comparison site. This platform makes it easier for you to find trusted and affordable car mechanics in Moncton and everywhere else in the US and Canada.

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With this new website, motorists are able to save both time and money when searching for garages. Its database currently has more than three million listings, making it one of the most comprehensive databases of its kind.

Most drivers visit a mechanic several times a year, either for regular maintenance or to have a problem fixed. However, different garages have different specialties; likewise, pricing for the same service may differ drastically among shops.

As such, it is vital to compare prices before you decide which professional to visit. With Auto Fix Buddy, it takes only a few clicks to bring up a list of nearby repair shops, with corresponding user ratings. 

The platform was designed with user-friendliness in mind; you simply need to input your car make and address to see the list of mechanics. Each listing also contains a contact number, further streamlining the experience.

Shops are also categorized according to their specialization, making it easier for you to find the exact service you need. These include services like heating and cooling, brakes, transmission, and diagnostics, among others. 

Signing up for Auto Fix Buddy requires only a valid e-mail and is 100% free for all users. Repair shop owners may also create a listing on the platform at no cost.

Auto Fix Buddy removes the hassle and frustration of finding the right garage through the use of technology. It has listings for all major cities in the North American region.

A spokesperson says: “Having a car with problems is challenging enough — finding the best possible garage shouldn’t have to add to your troubles. Our comparison site was developed to give you the information you need to choose the mechanic that fits both your budget and needs.”

Stop overpaying for car repairs. Try Auto Fix Buddy today!

Simply visit if you need further details about the platform and its features. 

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