Financial Optimization Service: Construction Companies Audit Their Bills & Save

Feb 6, 2024

The financial optimization pros at Recession Resister are excited to be helping construction companies demolish their bills and bolster their bottom line with their new service.

Build a better financial outlook for your business in 2024 with Recession Resister’s new financial optimization bill auditing and cost-cutting service.

Say goodbye to big bills and hello to big savings at 

Demolish Your Bills & Utilities

Recession Resister is committed to helping you cut down on your utilities and bills, which they believe are probably bloated costs that are damaging your bottom line.

Recession Resister knows work in the construction industry is not always stable and that you should be as financially lean as possible in order to improve your financial sustainability, which is what they are confident their optimization service can provide.

Fight A Grim Financial Forecast

2024 is tipped to be another challenging year for construction companies. Bridgit said construction has become “a notoriously low-margin business” and Reuters dubbed the outlook for the industry in 2024 “grim.”

Recession Resister believes that in challenging times like this, a service like theirs is essential to retaking control over your overheads and expenses.

Make Real Savings

Recession Resister is pleased to be offering you their service on a no-save, no-pay basis, meaning your company will not pay anything directly, rather Recession Resister will take their fee from the savings they bring you. 

Immediate & Long-Term Cost Reduction

Recession Resister’s financial optimization and cost reduction service includes bill auditing, which involves looking at all your prior bills for errors and overcharges. They will also negotiate with service providers to ensure you are accessing the best rates and plans. 

For larger long-term savings, predicted to be as much as 10-30% annually, Recession Resister can also offer you their energy efficiency auditing and bill savings technology. 

About Recession Resister

Recession Resister is a leading financial optimization provider headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Their firm works with construction companies across the US. 

A spokesperson for the cost management firm said, “Energy and utility costs typically represent more than 15% of a business’s operating expenses. That’s a significant cost to your business. Doing business in a deregulated market comes with a choice, but that choice includes hours of research and new and unforeseen responsibilities that are often inefficient and ineffective. We remove this stress and handle your supplier switching for you, ensuring you save on an annual basis. There’s no risk to you. You pay nothing unless we can save you money.” 

No one else measures up to the savings Recession Resister brings. Visit to see how they can help you demolish your overheads!

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