Bill Savings Tool Lowers Utilities & Household Expenses For Displaced Workers

May 15, 2024

You can save big every month with Recession Resister’s Bill Saver, an incredible bill savings tool that works on almost all utilities and bills.

Recession Resister has saved their customers over $1 million on their bills. Upload yours on their platform today and join them!

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Introducing Bill Saver, The Smart Bill Savings Tool You Need

Recession Resister calls their incredible bill saving service Bill Saver, and it is a quick but comprehensive measure which can help you reduce your monthly outgoings, especially your main utility bills like energy.

If you are a displaced worker, or someone who is in precarious financial position and living month-to-month, they are confident they can help you stabilize your budget and expenses so you can improve your short to medium-term financial outlook.

A Cost-Effective Way To Reduce Financial Waste

Wherever you live in the US, Recession Resister can bring you the powerful Bill Saver, which they offer on a no upfront cost basis.

The team of financial auditors behind Recession Resister can review all of your monthly bills for you—including energy, water, phone, internet, TV, satellite, security, and more—free of charge. During this review process, the team will search for any errors and overcharges in previous bills, a process which, for 80% of their customers, results in significant refunds.

Once the Recession Resister team gets a picture of your general monthly usage and expenditure, they will also contact your service providers to renegotiate your contracts. As their financial auditors know the market inside and out, and have collective bargaining power from representing thousands of clients, they can negotiate a better rate in almost all cases.

The Recession Resister Peace Of Mind Guarantee

The best part is, if Recession Resister cannot secure any refund or any ongoing bill savings, they will not charge you any fee.

As their team said, “There’s no fee to begin our services. That means we’ll go to work negotiating your bills on your behalf and will simply split 50% of the savings with you if we successfully lower your bills. However, if we find that you’re already on a great plan and we can’t save you money, you pay us nothing!”

Recession Resister hopes this peace of mind guarantee will show you that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking advantage of their cost-effective service, and they encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have about Bill Saver and how it works.

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